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2017: The One Year of New Beginnings

Feb 03, 2017 01:36AM ● By Greer Jonas

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The numbers in the global year of 2017 add up to 10, which adds up to one. The number “1” in numerology is the number of the “I am,” which is the number of first, new beginnings and new leadership. We have all arrived in uncharted territory and must now deal with change.

The global year of “1” promises to lead us to a “newness” that has not happened before. This energy gives us the opportunity to take action. Some of us are apprehensive, many fearful, others excited. Whatever the feeling is, we can sit back and let the world take over, or we can use the emotion to spur action in our lives.

2016: Stepping back to the year of 9 and transformation

As crazy as 2016 was for all of us, the transformational “9” year (2+0+1+6 = 9) brought up much change in our lives and our world. The nine is completion and we had endings in so many ways. The “roller coaster ride” began as we were forced to deal with our shadow, our truths and our real beliefs. We need to face how we experienced the 9 in our lives, not just globally or politically but in the areas of relationships, career, communication and home. There could have been moments of triumph and important insights and other moments of loss or the realization that something has to change.

What now?

How will this 1 year affect us each as individuals? What are the new steps we can take? The 1 will give us the energy to push through old patterns of lethargy. Perhaps we can get involved in environmental reform or finally finish writing that book that we started years ago. Or we could clean out our attic and transform it into a place to create art. Try taking a step beyond your comfort zone.

What is your personal year in 2017 numerology?

As the 1 year is about new beginnings, we each have a personal year theme specific to us. To find out your personal year, add the birth month and day to the current year. Once you find this theme, you can ask yourself how you can lead in a different way to making a change in your life.

As an example, if you were born on April 1, your personal year would be 4+1+2+0+1+7=15 and then 1+5=6. The personal year of “6” is all about compassion, friendship and support. During the global year of 1, you might do service in an area you are interested in. Or you might step out and find a new romantic relationship or find new ways to make a current relationship work better.

Personal year numbers and their lessons

Once you have calculated your personal year, here is a brief synopsis of the theme you will encounter and the lessons. What can you do differently that might achieve what you have wanted?

1. Year of new beginnings and innovative ideas. You might attract a new job or a vibrant relationship. The challenge is fear of taking the next step.

2. Year of connecting in relationships of all forms, whether it is romantic, business, social and/or self. The challenge is caring too much what others think.

3. Year of creativity and self-expression in every form, such as art, music, speaking and/or writing. The challenge is fear of sharing your voice.

4. Year of the builder and the organizer, which is a great time to get something done. The challenge is feeling bogged down by all the work we are doing or feeling overwhelmed.

5. Year of fun, increased social life, travel and energy. It is being out there in the world with people. The challenge is feeling a loss of freedom, overwhelm or too much on our plate.

6. Year of all matters of the heart, including dealing with family, loved ones, community and relationships. This could be a time of marriage, birth or rebirth. The challenge is experiencing loss, feeling overburdened or taking on too much responsibility.

7. Year of spirituality and connection with our inner self and a year of unique thoughts and actions. The challenge is feeling unsociable, withdrawn, or fearing speaking your truth.

8. Year of abundance, leadership and manifestation and a great time to achieve our dreams. The challenge is being too self-consumed or feeling over-burdened. Instead of being the leader, you feel oppressed or like a victim.

9. Year of transformation, transition and completion and a time to examine our life and see what new path to take. The challenge is seeing the lessons of what we have been putting up with and deciding to change the direction of our life.

11/2. Master year of inspired ideas and actions. These ideas can influence and inspire others and may deal with our relationships (2). The challenge is having many dreams but not acting on them.

22/4. Year of mastery in relationships (2) and building (4). This is a time to connect with others in a profound way and make a difference. It is a great time to achieve a project with others. The challenge is taking on a project without asking for help or caretaking for others.

How will you take action?

Do something new every day that might be a stretch but will help in expanding the mind, body and spirit. Make a difference by getting involved in a community project, the environment or someone else’s life.

Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerologist, teacher and artist for over 25 years, living in New York City. Contact her for private numerology readings and class schedules at [email protected]. Read more about numerology at or the art website at

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