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How to Create the Life You Want: Empowerment Using the Laws of Attraction

Feb 03, 2017 01:19AM ● By Darlene Alvarez Maddern

What if there was a way of thinking and being in the world that empowered us to believe we could be, do and have whatever we want in life. What if there was a way of thinking about ourselves and our connections that empowered us to believe that we have within us the “energy that creates worlds.” Would we feel empowered?

Many of the questions we ask ourselves over the course of our lives start with “how do I…”. The topics are endless. They include everything from learning how to ride a bike as a child to how to be a successful parent, partner and/or entrepreneur. We seek how to be healthy, how to be happy and so on. The quest to know “how” begins at a young age and continues throughout our lifetime.

Really what we’re seeking is empowerment. We’re looking for the information, systems, techniques and ways of being that give us the power to create what we desire. To be empowered is to feel as if we have the ability, the know-how and belief to achieve, accomplish and create what we want. To be empowered is to be inspired to action.

The “Law of Attraction” (LOA) provides an answer to the “how to” questions, regardless of what the desire is. It provides a spiritual philosophy with steps and thought processes that, when followed, inspire and empower people to action and manifestation of their focused desires. The LOA is based on the idea that like attracts like, that what we focus on we draw to us.

The LOA states that everything is made up of energy, including our thoughts. For years, the science of quantum physics has provided research that shows our thoughts are energy. Focusing our thoughts on what we want and what makes us happy emits an electronic vibration that is attracted to like energy. The like frequency or vibration that is drawn to us creates situations, circumstances, ideas and actions in line with our desires and leads us toward manifestation.

The movie and book, The Secret, gives people an introduction and understanding of the LOA’s basics. It helps many people manifest and create the things they want in their life, such as loving relationships, career, travel, a healthy body or money. While this information creates a great shift and helps people transform their lives, there is much more to learn about how the LOA can inspire, empower and transform our lives further.

The LOA, as offered by Gerry and Esther Hicks in Ask and It Is Given, speaks to our spiritual connection. Everything that exists is energy, and the energy that created everything, Source—some may call it God, Goddess, Allah, All That Is, Divine Intelligence or something else—is also a part of everything; it is a part of who and what we are.

We cannot separate ourselves from the energy that “created worlds”, or the energy that is in everything. What that means is while we exist in these bodies, the greater part of ourselves is our higher self and is Source. It is the idea that we are a spirit with a body rather than a body with a spirit.

The Hicks go on to say that the Source within us sees us as pure love. Source always loves, cherishes and sees us as worthy of everything we desire; love and well-being flows to us all the time. There is no shame or blame. There is no punishment or judgment. There is only love. We are here to enjoy the expanded consciousness of this time and place, which has never been before and will not come again.

When we feel appreciation and gratitude, when we care and love, when we feel happy or joyful, we are in alignment with Source. In our alignment, we allow then what we are focused on to come into our experience. That is when the Universe responds with synchronicity, whether it is being in the right place at the right time or getting an inspired idea about how or what to do. Alignment inspires the actions and allows the “cooperative components” to come in to position to manifest our desires. In our alignment, the place of focused attention and feeling good, we are empowered with the inspiration to act, to create our desires.

The LOA, mindfulness, and the power of awareness and of positive thinking all have the same underlying basic tenets: be aware of our thoughts; focus on what we want; be positive; have feelings of joy, love, appreciation and gratitude; and know that we are all connected. When people are of that mindset and feeling, the experiences and actions that follow are a reflection of joy, love and well-being.

Study after study continues to show the correlation between our thoughts and what we manifest in our bodies and in our life experience. Positive thoughts are shown to bring happy, joyful experiences and have a positive impact on our physical health. The opposite is well researched also. Thoughts and feelings of negativity, insecurity, unworthiness and stress have been shown to have negative impact on our lives and physical health.

According to Daniel Goleman, in A Force for Good, The Dali Lama’s Vision for our World, “Mindfulness…has now been empirically tested in hundreds of studies outside its traditional uses. The psychological benefits of monitoring the mind in this nonjudgmental, nonreactive way range from lessening the severity of eating disorders, deep anxiety and depression to enhancing concentration in those with attention deficit disorder.”

The LOA empowers and inspires. It provides a way of thinking and feeling that leads to a sense of belonging, a feeling of being loved and of self-love. When the practices are followed, they create an inspiration to act, to create, to manifest what makes us happy.

Understanding the power of our thoughts, how to focus them to manifestation is empowering. It is a roadmap for “how to” in this life. But, ultimately, to be empowered is to make the choice to be so.

Darlene Alvarez Maddern is an empowerment life coach, speaker, teacher and mentor. She is a QSCA-certified Law of Attraction life coach and trainer. She offers one-on-one coaching, online workshops and seminars. Connect at 860-488-2619, [email protected] and See ad, page 79.

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