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Technology Marries Positive Psychology with Neuroscience

Feb 08, 2017 04:34PM

There is scientifically based technology now available to boost the brain’s performance and sustain motivation and positive thinking for prolonged periods.

Mind Power Technology (MindPT) is a revolutionary new technology for integrating fresh beliefs into the mind and cultivating the mindset and habits of happiness and success. MindPT helps improve a viewer’s mood. That happiness leads to greater engagement, which accelerates learning. Traditional personal growth programs often fail to produce the desired results because they require time, effort and discipline; MindPT seeks to address these issues.

Most people who want to improve their lives understand that change has to begin within themselves with a change in mindset, beliefs and attitudes. However, most people don’t have the stamina or discipline to read daily affirmations. They also recognize that affirmations may not be enough to effectively create new long-term beliefs.

MindPT is designed to help change automatic thought habits in order to align expectations and actions with what a person wants in their life. The technology uses a precise blend of quality, clinically proven techniques, enabling users to experence measurable results quickly without the time, effort and discipline it normally takes when embarking on personal improvement.

The mobile, bite-sized personal growth sessions can be watched anytime, anywhere on a mobile phone or desktop computer to help increase confidence, self-esteem, happiness and outlook in minutes. The technology makes it effortless and engaging and it’s based on the latest in neuroscience research and proven positive psychology principles. Fun and short lessons are delivered via a “moving vision board.”

When Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage and a Harvard University positive psychology researcher, tested MindPT, he found a positive impact on mood only six to eight hours after watching a session. Studies have shown that with a happy mindset, people are 23 percent more energetic, 31 percent more productive and three times more creative.

A MindPT video session connects with the pre-conscious processor in the brain to make it easier to absorb the kinds of positive ideas that will help achieve desired results.

“We have learned that reprogramming our brains to become more positive, more adaptive and more resilient in order to gain a competitive advantage at work is not only possible, it is essential in rapidly changing environments,” Achor says. “It is important to create deep and sustained change so that happiness becomes... a sustained lifelong practice.”

Kim Serafini, founder and CEO of MindPT, will be the keynote speaker at a Positively Priming the Mind Workshop on March 22 in New York City. Visit for more information. See ad, page 5.

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