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Cosmic Rhythms - May 2017: Mutable Energy Inspires Us to Make Changes

May 01, 2017 11:43PM ● By Michele Leigh

This month Mercury ends its retrograde and moves into the earthy sign of Taurus the bull so we may find ourselves inspired to break new ground. Later in the month, the sun ingresses into the inquisitive sign of Gemini and challenges us to explore new opportunities. It is a time for fresh beginnings and the energy in the sky will illuminate new paths for us to wander.

On May 3, Mercury goes direct, ending its retrograde period. Mercury not only governs how we communicate with others but the quick moving planet also governs our inner monologue. Since Mercury is now moving forward, we have a clear head to sort through issues that seemed to have no rational solution during the retrograde.

The full moon in Scorpio is on May 10. This probing, resourceful energy invites us to dive into the depths and illuminate those things that have been hiding in the dark corners of our mind. Scorpio is unafraid to take on topics that others might consider taboo. Use this full moon to dust out the cobwebs and let the light in.

Come May 15, Mercury enters the pragmatic sign of Taurus the bull, representing the plow breaking open the soil to create growth. This is a good time to plan for the future. Use this energy to organize resources—similar to a farmer cultivating his crop for the season. Mercury will be in this prosperous sign until June 7.

On May 20, the sun enters Gemini, the sign of duality, highlighting all forms of expression. Gemini energy is extremely curious; we may find ourselves accepting invitations from a variety of different sources. Use the chatty aspect of Gemini to get out, be sociable and meet new people.

We end the month on May 25 with a new moon in Gemini magnifying the mutable energy. The beginning of a new lunar phase will stimulate our luminaries as they meet in the sign of Gemini. In addition, Mars, our inner warrior, is also in the sign of Gemini. This combination of energy could manifest as the desire to talk, write and teach about things that motivate and inspire us.

Michele Leigh is an astrologer, author and podcaster. A practitioner of ancient astrology and planetary magic, she is an active member of the Organization for Professional Astrology. Connect at See ad, page 53.

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