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The Elements of Moon Yoga

Michele Leigh

In May, join Michele Leigh, a yogi and astrologer, for one or two yoga series workshops dedicated to the phases of the moon. The first takes place at ah Yoga in New Preston on Tuesday nights at 6pm; the second will be at Valley Spirit Wellness Center in Washington Depot on Wednesday nights at 7pm. Conducted in candlelight, each 90-minute class will focus on the current state of the moon while the poses will be based on the energy of the moon in a particular sign of the zodiac.

The first class is April 25, the New Moon is in Taurus. In the element of earth, dependable Taurus energy will ground you as you set your intentions for the new moon. Taurus the bull is associated with the neck and throat. On May 2, the Waxing Moon is in Leo. In the element of fire, the courageous Leo energy will spark a new idea as the moon begins to fill with light. Leo the lion governs the spine and the heart. The Full Moon in Scorpio class will be on May 9. In the element of water, the transformative Scorpio energy will rise to the surface at its most potent, during the full moon. The Scorpion energy is associated with the pelvis. The focus on May 16 is the Waning Moon in Aquarius. In the element of air, the eccentric Aquarius energy will accompany the darkening of the moon, indicating a time to reflect. Aquarius governs the ankles.

The price of $99 includes four 90-minute classes. Space is limited.

Leigh discovered yoga while treating a degenerative disk in her lower back and has been practicing yoga for more than a decade. She earned her 200-hour certification from Lotus Gardens Yoga School and blends astrology into her yoga style.

For more information and to register, visit Location: ah Yoga, 168 New Milford Tpke (Route 202), New Preston. See ad, page 53.

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