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Healing Trauma’s Root Cause

Emotional trauma can result from an emotional or physical experience that overwhelms the nervous system. The natural healing ability of the mind can often assimilate the event and heal on its own. Extremely painful memories, however, are often tucked away or repressed so the individual can continue to function. Unfortunately, such unresolved trauma can develop into post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic anxiety or depression, affecting all areas of an individual’s life. Several healing modalities have been shown to address the root cause and heal effects of trauma.

Cell Memory Technique

With this modality, advanced energy techniques are applied to help heal the “cellular memory”, or the original cause of the pain, illness, mental or emotional imbalance. This “cell memory” practice aids in clearing past traumas and unwanted patterns by healing the core issue. Usui Reiki symbols are used to cross space and time; go back to the moment of origin of the issue, incident or trauma; and remove it from the cellular memory so it can no longer affect the client in the present or the future. The area of the body where the memory was stored instead is filled with positive healing energy to restore a sense of well-being. It usually takes one or two sessions per trauma for the client to feel lighter and more at peace.

Shamanism/Soul Retrieval

Shamanic healing—including Soul Retrieval practices—are some of the oldest forms of healing and help address the spiritual aspect of healing, which shamans believe is the foundation of health and life. When someone experiences trauma, part of their vital energy or life force can get stuck in the past, or leaves altogether. Medicine people and shamans call this “soul loss”. This means the person does not have all of their energy and spirit available to them in the present moment to meet life’s demands or help them heal. Anyone who has experienced physical or emotional trauma can experience soul loss; many say they have never been the same since the trauma occurred. The person might feel scattered, drained, depressed, or have lost interest in aspects of their life that previously brought them happiness and joy. A skilled shamanic practitioner, trained in Soul Retrieval, can assist a person in restoring his or her life energy and spiritual vitality through this gentle yet powerful healing technique. Clients report that they have renewed energy, and they feel “lighter” and empowered to move forward.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a quick, effective energy psychology technique that helps clients release negative thoughts and feelings associated with painful memories. A traumatic memory is stored in a raw, fragmented form in the primitive survival brain. Eye movements—or other forms of bi-lateral stimulation—activate both hemispheres of the brain, allowing access to a lifetime of wisdom and positive experiences; the traumatic memory is freed from the irrational survival brain and gains perspective from the higher brain. EMDR jumpstarts the mind’s natural healing mechanism, allowing the trauma to be processed, understood and stored like a normal memory. Clients often report feeling relief and hope after a couple sessions. Unlike talk therapy, EMDR allows clients to resolve the most embarrassing memories without having to discuss the details.

Source: Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center in Ridgefield. Practitioners include: JoAnn Inserra Duncan, MS, RMT, a Reiki master teacher, Advanced Integrated Energy therapist and Level III Reconnective Healing practitioner; Deana Paqua, MA, LMT, a spiritual, holistic health and shamanic practitioner and teacher; and Stacy Raymond, PsyD, a clinical psychologist certified in EMDR. See ad, page 28.

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