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June 2017 Letter From Publisher

Jun 09, 2017 11:50AM ● By Nicole Miale

Chronic pain. Two simple words that represent a wide spectrum of experience between individuals, but share the intolerable blueprint of suffering. Millions of people in our country suffer from chronic pain or care for someone who does. With that in mind, and utmost empathy, this month’s issue focuses on solutions, remedies and modalities to help heal, resolve and relieve chronic pain.

For much of the past year, for the first time in my life, I had personal experience of chronic pain. There were multiple causes and some are still being resolved, but for months my movement and experience of daily life were restricted. The pain and resulting lack of mobility affected my weight and mood and put strain on some of my closest relationships. I sent my dog off to hike with someone else, crying as I watched her go because I longed to go with them. I limited the number of times I went up or down stairs each day, planning my “trips” up or down carefully and watching my fluid intake because dashing back up to use the bathroom on short notice just wasn’t feasible.

On my healing journey this past year, I have personally experienced most of the treatments discussed in this issue. Some worked better for me than others, but it was during the exploration that I discovered what did work this time. I am grateful for each opportunity. I learned a lot and today I am nearly pain-free thanks to caring practitioners who provided a variety of therapies and products to support the efforts of my body to heal itself. Healing can be a long road, but that road need not be traveled alone.

There was a day recently when I moved more easily and realized, with some shock, that my body did not hurt. In that moment, I felt immense relief and great joy; I remember it very clearly. It is a reminder to myself to not take freedom of movement for granted. Though we cover less distance than we used to and the terrain is easier, I’m again able to hike with my dog. Every outing, we hike a little further and I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment with each new uphill step.

If you or a loved one are suffering from chronic pain, please know you have my personal sympathy. Know too that some measure of relief - if not complete pain elimination - is available through the skills and products used by local practitioners implementing a variety of natural healing modalities. Drugs and surgery are rarely the only options to consider. Conventional doctors are well-meaning but often uninformed about effective alternatives and unaware of local resources. It is my hope you might use the information in this month’s issue to learn about alternative treatments and be inspired.

We all deserve to feel good and joyful! I hope the practitioners, products and modalities discussed in this issue – and others not mentioned but likely as skilled and caring – can support you or your loved one on the journey back to wellness and well-being. I wish you health, healing and PAIN-FREE living.

With love and light,


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