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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

Understanding Fall’s Bounty of Wild Plants and Mushrooms

The 3 Foragers will present a walk and talk about edible wild plants and mushrooms of autumn on August 26 at 10am. The three-hour event will be held at Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust ( in Woodbury.

As the seasons begin to change, the pending autumn season is a time of bounty and harvest for woodland creatures and foragers alike: nuts are falling to the forest floor, fruits are ripening, roots and tubers are thickening up and edible fungi can be found in astounding amounts. Learn how to identify, sustainably harvest and prepare the wild foods of autumn, including acorns, minty wintergreen leaves, golden honey mushrooms and maitake. Join The 3 Foragers as they teach the edible plants and fungi of autumn with their original photos and recipe ideas in an educational slideshow, and finish with a walk outside to put some of those newly learned skills to the test.

The 3 Foragers are a family from southeastern Connecticut who have been identifying, photographing and cooking with the edible plants and fungi of New England for more than 12 years. Their blog, Facebook page (, and new book focus on family-friendly, environmentally sustainable harvest of both native and invasive species of plants.

To register, call Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust at 203-263-3711. For more information, visit Location: 5 Church Hill Rd, Woodbury.