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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

Soul Healing Work in Fairfield

Eilis Philpott

Master healer and teacher, Eilis Philpott of Soul Healing Journey, LLC, has introduced Passion, Peace & Purpose. The new four-session package uses soul language, Akashic field therapy and rebirthing to support you in discovering your purpose, creating peace and passion around it, and shifting smoothly into the new energies.

Week 1 covers discovering your purpose with a soul language identification session. In the second week, you delve into your conscious and subconscious mind using the rebirthing breath (conscious connected breathing) to uncover and start clearing out what is preventing you from living your purpose in a state of peace and passion. The third session looks into your Akashic Records to find traumas that have been stored there. You will clear and heal these traumas to allow full access to your potential. In the last week, you will continue the journey from the third week to delve into your conscious and subconscious mind.

Back by popular demand are Angel Light Healing Initiations, which Philpott has held intermittently for 15 years. The event consists of an initiation to the healing energy of the Angels of Light, followed by instruction in how to use the energy for you, your loved ones and other things. There will be time to practice both giving and receiving during the event. A requirement of this initiation is that each participant wears all white clothing.

For more information on this new package and all upcoming events,¬†call 203-767-5954, email [email protected] or visit¬† Location: 40 Livingston St, Fairfield. See ad, page 20.

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