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January 2018 Letter From Publisher

Jan 05, 2018 04:23AM

Nicole Miale

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”      
~ Nikola Tesla, the technological “father” of our modern world

Once upon a time, there was a confident young woman on the fast track to becoming what everyone expected her to be. She thought she knew a lot of what there was to know. Then one day she received an unexpected gift, a session with an astrologer. Off she went, with a great deal of skepticism. The reading itself was interesting, but the astrologer’s recommendation was what really confused the young woman. “I highly recommend you seek some vibrational healing,” the astrologer said. The young woman left, clutching a paper with the recommended practitioner’s name but without intention of acting on the advice. She worked in healthcare, after all; she knew there was no such thing as vibrational healing! Then a curious thing happened. She called the number on the paper and made an
appointment for something she thought was probably nonsense.

The woman she was sent to see was a shamanic practitioner in Westport who would go on to become an assistant for world-renowned spiritual healer John of God. The young woman was in very good hands, but she had no idea of that. She laid on a massage table, eyes closed, listening to drumming and chanting, and thinking, “This is nuts. What am I doing here?” Her litany of negative thoughts went on, but suddenly she felt… something. It wasn’t external, but inside her body. The odd sensation grew. She lay still, her mind finally quiet, feeling a bit panicked, but more afraid to move and stop the feeling than to let it continue. It felt like sparklers were being set off all over her body. A current she’d never felt before began to hum inside her. When the session was over, she surreptitiously scanned the room for heat lamps, trip wires, anything which might explain the odd sensations she’d just experienced. She saw nothing her mind could use to rationalize the experience. All she saw was some crystals, drums, rattles, art, and a massage table. 

She tried to put it out of her mind, but the experience stuck with her. Months later she was visiting her mother and was suffering from a bad cold. Her mom offered to give her a Reiki treatment. The young woman had scoffed at many such offers before, but this time she accepted. As she laid on the table, she felt an incredibly powerful heat, as if the intensity of the whole sun was directed specifically at her very sore throat. When she opened her eyes, her mother was at the foot of the massage table, nowhere near her throat, which now felt much better. After the session, she sat on the table, looked at her mother and cried. “How is this possible?” she asked in a scared whisper. “How did you do that?” 

That is the true story of my first two aware experiences with energy healing. They cracked my world wide open, made the impossible possible and forever altered my view of how things work. I went on to immerse myself in a Master’s degree in Experiential Health and Healing, becoming an energy healer, purposefully seeking the unknown, the curious, the downright mystical. After all my years of study, I never forget know how little I know.

In this issue, we explore vibration, how it works and its impact on health. We are all made of energy and in constant resonance or dissonance with the world, people and things around us. This creates infinite healing possibilities if we are open to them. 

Welcome to the new year and a new world. I am holding the intention for each of you to experience more peace, joy and love in the coming year. May these articles, ideas, practitioners and businesses provide inspiration, hope, relief or a spark of curiosity about things unseen, yet so essential to our very existence.

With Love and Light, 


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