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2018 is the Year of the 11 Portal: A Numerological Look at the Year Ahead

Feb 01, 2018 02:19AM ● By Greer Jonas

Portal by Greer Jonas

​The essence of 2018 numerology is that it is the global year of the Master 11 with 2+0+1+8 =11.

According to 2018 numerology, this global year is a new portal for all of us. The master 11 is the energy of divine inspiration, leadership and new beginnings. It is a time of tapping into the wisdom that comes from our intuition and the connection to our higher power, beyond our intellect. When we do this, we have a clear channel to discover truth and make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Something new is happening. In mastery, an 11 vibration can shift what has been the norm because we are tapping into the universal collective of light and intelligence.  We are connecting with the divine knowledge from the source of all things.

Opening a Portal

The new doorway is the opportunity to step through our conceived failures, judgmental insecurities and “it’s too late” thought forms. It is a chance to be open to a new experience of potential beyond what we have ever experienced. Of course, we have to do the work. It means we have to look at what we have been putting up with in our relationships, our careers and ourselves. Have we limited our full potential because of fear of how others will react? Have we limited our own power because of a belief system that we have taken on or have heard from others?

Are We Ready to Walk Through?

What a wild ride we had during 2017. All levels were affected, whether it was our politics, environment, emotions or belief systems. 2017 was a time of looking at our shadow, of keeping our eyes wide open and aware. In 2018, we will have an even clearer view of this. This year promises to be a time to take action and make a difference in our lives, relationships and in the world. It is truly a time of letting go, speaking our truths and enjoying the ride.

Numerology Speaks: What is Our Personal Year in 2018?

All of us have a specific personal year 2018 theme based on our birthdays. The global year of 2018 will influence our personal year in a very big way. By using the formula below, we can find the specific theme that we will experience during 2018. It is a perfect time to set new intentions and goals.

To calculate, add the month and day of birth to the current year. So an April 1 birthday would be calculated as 4+1+2+0+1+8=16, and then 1+6=7. If the personal year calculates to a master number of 11 or 22, do not reduce with the second step. In this example, the April 1 birthday would mean a personal year of a 7. The seven year is an inner journey, a spiritual time of connecting inside of self in order to seek the truth. Perhaps it is exploring the unknown and embracing our nonconformity. With this theme, the 11 will help us push through shyness and explore something new in life.

Personal Year Themes

Here are brief descriptions of the themes we will find in the 2018 personal years. How will we embrace life and lessons every day with a unique approach? Tap into intuition and let go of old patterns that are not working. What are we willing to let go of?

1. Year of new beginnings and innovative ideas, whether it is a new job, vibrant relationship or something else.
Challenge: fear of taking the next step.

2. Connecting in relationships of all forms, whether they are romantic, business, social and/or self. 
Challenge: caring too much what others think.

3. Year of creativity and self-expression in every form, such as art, music, speaking and writing.
Challenge: fear of sharing our voice.

4. Year of the builder, the organizer, a great time to get something done.
Challenge: feeling bogged down by all the work we are doing or feeling overwhelmed.

5. Year of fun, increased social life, travel,  energy and being out in the world with people.
Challenge: feeling a loss of  freedom, overwhelm or too much on our plate.

6. Year of matters of the  heart, such as dealing with family; loved ones; community; relationships; or a time of marriage, birth or rebirth.
Challenge: experiencing loss, feeling overburdened or taking on too much responsibility.

7. Year of spirituality and connection with inner self and a year of unique thoughts and actions.
Challenge: feeling unsociable or withdrawn, or fearing  speaking our truth.

8. Year of abundance, leadership and manif-estation—a great time to achieve dreams.
Challenge: Being too self-consumed, feeling overburdened, or feeling oppressed or the victim instead of being the leader.

9. Year of transformation, transition, completion, and a time to examine life and see what new path to take.
Challenge: being able to see the lessons of what we have been putting up with and deciding to change direction.

11/2. Master year of inspired ideas and actions—which can influence and inspire others—and may deal with our relationships (2).
Challenge: having many dreams but not acting on them—being in a master 11 personal year in the global year of 11 will be doubly powerful so try not to get too overwhelmed.

22/4. Year of mastery in relationships (2) and building (4), and a time to connect with others in a profound way and make difference. Also a great time to achieve a project with others.
Challenge: taking on a project without asking for help as well as taking it all on and caretaking for others.

Greer Jonas is an artist, teacher and intuitive numerologist for over 30 years. She gives numerology readings through Skype, phone and in person in New York City and Connecticut. Connect at [email protected], and

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