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Good Posture Provides Stability for Mind and Body

Mar 29, 2018 04:08AM

When the body is crooked or slouching, parts of the spine are being overloaded while other parts are doing very little. This imbalance wears and tears our joints, especially the neck, back, hips and knees. While we may not feel much strain at first, slowly but surely, we will begin to experience pain and show dysfunction. This will happen with increasing frequency as a direct response to poor posture. Most pain is not caused by a single traumatic event, but rather an accumulation of minor injuries. How we sit and stand every day are of the utmost importance. Do not accept mild aches and pain as normal; they are not. 

Slouching compromises lung capacity and can compress organs. Standing unevenly can erode the strength of our hips and knees. Rounded shoulders can set us up for rotator cuff tears. It is important to know that for every one inch the head is forward, an additional 10 pounds is loaded on our necks; this eventually compresses the discs and misshapes the bones in the cervical spine. 
Weight distribution on one side of the body versus the other side could be off by even large amounts and such uneven load is not good for the spine. When we then exercise, we are building muscle on a misaligned spine, working one side harder than the other. We need the body to work with us, not against; try aligning the spine first before building the muscle up. 

Just as poor posture is a habit, so is good posture. Here are some of the benefits of creating and maintaining optimal posture: decrease or eliminate, back and neck pain; prevent future problems; lengthen the spine for a taller and thinner appearance and increase lung capacity and function. It can increase vitality; effectively support the musculoskeletal system help you experience better sleep; lower blood pressure and decrease load on vital organs, including the heart, liver, pancreas and gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it can decrease bone spurs, herniations and disc bulges; improve agility and flexibility to move faster with ease and train more effectively; and ultimately, increase self-confidence and overall well-being. 

Everyone—regardless of age or physical level—can improve their posture, starting in the present moment. Bringing conscious awareness to the position and feeling of your body is the first step. 

Dr. Beverley Marr is a chiropractor in Stamford and a co-owner and co-inventor of the PurePosture orthopedic solution with Dr. Chris Sova. Connect at

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