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Colonics Can Make Cleansing and Detoxing More Efficient

For many people, spring cleaning is not just about mops and brooms—it’s also about physically  cleansing and detoxing. “It just seems natural to want to feel cleaner and lighter when the weather begins to warm,” says Tovah Nahman of Lifetime Hygienics. “To that end, anyone planning a spring cleanse should consider doing colonics along with it.”

Colonics can make cleansing and detoxing more efficient, says Nahman, a certified colonic hygienist. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a juice fast, an herbal cleanse or a diet change,” she explains. “When our bodies begin to rid themselves of accumulated waste during our cleansing, the waste can actually wind up in the colon. It may be more difficult to eliminate accumulated waste, as well as the waste from our cleansing, through our bowel movements.” 

Without colonics, she says, the waste from a detox can be reabsorbed back into the system, defeating the purpose of the cleanse or detox. She recommends having a colonic session at the start and end of a three-day cleanse, and adding a third colonic in the middle of a seven-day cleanse. “For optimal cleansing results, colonics will do wonders. If you haven’t tried a colonic before, this is the season to try it. There is no pain involved, and they aren’t odiferous.”

Tovah Nahman has been in practice at Lifeline Hygienics for 26 years. She is also an author and lecturer. Contact her at 914-921-LIFE (5433). See Community Resource Guide listing, page 60.

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