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Ranger Ready Repellents Gets EPA Seal of Approval

The PiC20 Group announced that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved its registration of Ranger Ready Repellents. Invented by co-founders Chris L. Fuentes and Ted Kesten, Ranger Ready is available just in time for the spring 2018 tick and mosquito season.

“Ranger Ready is a new DEET-Free repellent that is highly effective against tick and insect bites. We took Picaridin, an alternative to DEET derived from piperidine found in pepper plants that has been widely used in Europe for 20 years. Our fragrance experts then created sophisticated scents such as Ranger Orange, that encourage consumers to wear repellents versus being put-off by how they feel and smell,” says CEO Fuentes.

“We’re pleased that Ranger Ready will be blended in small batches, bottled and distributed directly from South Norwalk, CT,” adds Kesten.

Ranger Ready Repellents’ brand and packaging were produced in collaboration with the Fairfield-based Product Ventures industrial design firm. The PiC20 Group, LLC is a privately held company that exclusively utilizes the active ingredient Picaridin to invent, manufacture and distribute DEET-Free tick and insect repellents. 

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