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Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Light

Jun 05, 2018 02:10AM ● By Michele Leigh

Once again, the planets are pretty peaceful for the first part of the month, and then things start kicking into gear as we rev up for the Summer Solstice. This month is brewing with the energy of Cancer with both Mercury and the Sun moving into this introspective, nurturing water sign. 

Mercury enters Cancer on June 12, kickstarting the water-dominant energy. This triggers our planet of communication to be cognizant of other people’s feelings. Water signs prioritize emotions above all else. Before we speak up, we need to ask ourselves three questions about what we want to say: is it necessary, useful and kind.

On June 13 at 3:45pm (EST), the Sun and Moon meet in the sky, and we have a curious New Moon in the chatty sign of Gemini. This airy energy is a good time to set an intention for a new 28-day cycle. Gemini is represented by duality and connected to siblings, especially twins. 

This is the time of year when we are encouraged to let our inner lioness roar. Our planet of relationships, Venus, enters the dramatic, creative sign of Leo on June 13. This fiery sign will encourage us to take action and let our hair down in the area of relationships. 

The Summer Solstice arrives this year on June 21 at 6:07am (EST). Solstice comes from the Latin words “sol”, meaning “sun”, and “sister”, meaning “to stand still”. At the Summer Solstice, the Sun reaches its northernmost position and comes to a stop at the Tropic of Cancer. Honor the longest day of the year by spending time outdoors under the sky. When night does arrive, light a bonfire or put candles in the window. Ancient men celebrated the Solstice with light to encourage the Sun to continue providing its life force. 

We end the month with an ambitious Full Moon in Capricorn on June 28 at 12:53am (EST). The determined goat represents Capricorn; this energy can be used to implement structure in our lives. A Full Moon is a good time to clean house and remove any obstacles standing in your way, specifically in the area of career.

Michele Leigh is an astrologer, author and yoga teacher. A practitioner of ancient techniques, she is an active member of OPA (Organization for Professional Astrology). Connect at [email protected]

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