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Cosmic Rhythms July 2018: Eclipse Season Begins

Jun 27, 2018 12:30AM ● By Michele Leigh

An eclipse is like an extra shot of espresso in the New and Full Moon so energy around this month’s lunations will be intensified. The intentions we set during the New Moon, as well as the things we release at the Full Moon, will sustain their momentum for months to come. Use this energy wisely.

On July 9, Venus—the planet that governs our relationships—moves into the organized, competent sign of Virgo. This is a good time to take a no-nonsense approach to our personal interactions. We should use this systematic energy to examine and perhaps restructure the way we relate to others.

Jupiter, a planet of expansion, begins moving forward again on July 10, also in the sign of Virgo. It will take a few weeks to feel the shift of this slow-moving planet as Jupiter has been in retrograde since March. Topics like travel and advanced education may rise to the surface during this time. Use the Earth energy of Virgo to organize and initiate plans.

This year’s eclipse season begins with a New Moon in Cancer on July 12 at 10:48pm EST. Honor this introspective energy by lighting a white candle; set intentions around home, emotional security and the desire to take care of others. It also helps to reflect on our ability to nurture our inner child.

The Sun enters the Fire of Leo on July 22. The Sun is naturally governed by the playful lion and it is very comfortable in its home sign. During this time, we may feel inspired by the light of the Sun and motivated by the summer heat. 

July 26 begins another Mercury retrograde period, which lasts until August 18. During Mercury retrogrades, the possibility for miscommunication is high. Be sure to clarify intentions and double check details during these weeks of backwards movement. 

We end the month with a Full Moon Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. This lunation becomes exact on July 27 at 4:20pm EST. Aquarius is in the element of Air and is rebellious in nature. Use this revolutionary spirit to release something that may create a feeling of being regulated or confined. Be unique and break free from conformity. 

Michele Leigh is an astrologer, author and yoga teacher. A practitioner of ancient techniques she is an active member of OPA, (Organization for Professional Astrology). Connect at [email protected]

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