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Chronic Pain: Real or Illusion?

Oct 03, 2018 05:25PM ● By Berta Prevosti

When we are in pain, our body aches and our joints are stiff. But is it because of arthritis, fibromyalgia, a mystery virus, recurring Lyme disease or something else? Whatever the cause may be, we may feel in serious pain. We want answers beyond more pills that may only work for a short period of time.

Is chronic pain an illusion and not physical? Is it, in fact, more metaphysical and/or emotional? The very suggestion can trigger an emotional response; a client may even want to get up and walk out the door. That’s because it certainly doesn’t feel like an illusion, and no medical doctor will tell us that either. The question is, can we, in time and with some introspection, be pain-free? The answer many people have reached is, yes, it is possible. Even people who have had rheumatoid arthritis for over 30 years and have been on medication for it may be able to come off their medications and experience life again with no pain. Individuals vary widely so the remedies used to relieve and extinguish pain will not be the same, but just to know that it is possible for the pain to be gone is a great relief. 

The illusion is that our pain began on a physical level. Pain and chronic pain is generally connected to the metaphysical and emotional world and, in particular, suppression of anger or other emotions. Look within to see if we are holding anger or rage about something that has occurred in life at one time, even at a young age. Our bodies tell us something is wrong by creating pain. The problem is we don’t speak the “language” of the body. We spend years suppressing and possibly creating more pain by not finding a way to release the anger and/or suppressed emotions.

Everything begins with our energy. By the time this disruptive emotional energy builds up enough to cause pain in our physical bodies, it has been with us a very long time. First, it begins in our muscles and then in our joints. It will continue to move deeper into our bodies, becoming chronic illness, until we understand the language of the body and what it is trying to tell us.

Begin with Dietary Adjustments 

Before delving deeply into root emotional causes for physical pain, there are some dietary adjustments that bring some immediate relief to many people. 

Remove sugar. It is one of the greatest catalysts to pain. It is likely not the root issue as that lies in the metaphysical, however, it will decrease the symptoms of whatever pain exists, especially arthritis. 

Decrease sodium intake. Sodium—and even the healthier Himalayan pink salt—will make us retain water. That will increase the pressure in our joints, thereby creating a tremendous amount of pain for anyone already suffering.

Eliminate dairy. Milk is especially inflammatory. Removing dairy is important as the goal is to remove pressure from the body.

Eat dark green vegetables. These are alkaline and assist the body with natural healing.

Avoid red meats. Red meats are highly acidic so in high quantity they are toxic and can’t be digested properly.

These dietary habits will provide some immediate relief. However, chronic pain needs to be alleviated in the metaphysical and emotional world in order for it to be eliminated altogether. We need to focus on ridding ourselves of deep, suppressed emotional energies. Finding an energy worker can help. Meditation, Reiki, qigong and shamanic work are some modalities that can be helpful in rooting out emotional or metaphysical causes for physical pain. 

Berta Prevosti, the owner of The Jiiva Center in Stratford, is a certified Reiki master in Usui and Karuna Systems of Universal Hands on Energy Healing and a 500-hour certified yoga teacher. Connect at See ad, page 38. 

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