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Essential Oils on Acupuncture Points for Emotional Relief

For centuries, Chinese medicine has included the application of essential oils directly to acupuncture points to treat emotional disturbances. Essential oils are the very essence of the plant, and thus extremely potent. As with herbs, each of the oils has an affinity for several of the 12 channels in the meridian system of acupuncture. Applied directly to the correct acupuncture points, they can help bring energy flow back into balance from within the body-heart-mind-spirit axis.

Here are some essential oils that are commonly used to relieve emotional disturbances.

Vetiver, a rooty grass that is grounding and calming, helps with insecurities, low self- esteem, self-doubt and discouragement. It is also good for ADD/ADHD. 

• Rose has antidepressant qualities and is also calming, particularly for emotional relationship issues or self-sabotage. It helps with forgiveness, and transmits
compassionate acceptance that helps with overcoming shame.

• Clary Sage helps relieve anxiety and depression characterized by changeable moods, indecision and emotional confusion. It helps us reconnect the body and mind,
facilitates deeper intuition, relieves an over-focus on sexuality, and brings greater ease in love and sex. Do not use during pregnancy.

• May Chang can uplift and stimulate us while promoting calm. It clears the anxious mind, and relieves mental fatigue and fog. It helps us claim our true nature.

• Bergamot is known for bringing balance to the nervous system as well as clearing agitation, conflictual thinking and holding patterns in the mind. It can help restore connections to schisms in the body-mind and heart-mind. It’s phototoxic, so avoid going in the sun with it on. It also needs to be diluted to at least 25 percent potency when placed on the skin. Avoid the face.

• Roman Chamomile brings nurturing to the spaces where we feel uneasy and don’t know why, and the emptiness we carry inside ourselves. Helps reduce fear, anxiety, depression, shock, insomnia and loneliness.

While essential oils have become quite popular as a self-care modality, contamination and corruption are relatively common in the essential oil business. When used medicinally, it’s highly recommended to source organic oils from a reputable company.

  In addition, several of the oils require substantial dilution. Without taking necessary precautions—especially during pregnancy—they can cause skin reactions or become toxic if too much is ingested. And, when overused, they can disrupt our natural rhythms; it’s best to rotate them.

David London, MD, is an integrative psychiatrist with offices in Westport and Waterford. An assistant clinical professor at Yale University, he has also studied Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, functional medicine, nutrition and other natural approaches to mental and emotional health. Connect at 203-557-6574 and
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