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Natural Awakenings Fairfield County & Housatonic Valley CT

Explore a Personal Growth Worskhop

Eileen and Patrick Howley

Begin 2019 by nourishing your emotional self during a unique personal development weekend. Beginning Friday, January 11 and concluding Sunday, January 13, Patrick Howley, Eileen Howley and Kelly Falvey will facilitate a deeply caring, listening community at the Farmhouse at Wisdom House in Litchfield. They have created a safe, powerful and supportive process that combines personal growth, meditation and self-reflection.
With the help of their weekly meditation group participants, they have researched and refined their approach so it fosters growth no matter where a person finds themselves on their personal growth journey. The meditation group has been meeting for 10 years and has created a deep connection using the process developed by this team.  

Using an integral approach, the team helps people to learn and explore common archetypal stages of development. The team helps participants integrate information they may have about their Myers-Briggs type and Enneagram type. The main tool in their work however, is helping people to use a percept orientation process that fosters deep self-reflection. In their workshops they demonstrate this process by engaging in an unplanned, unrehearsed, spontaneous dialogue as they share their reflections on the inner life. Participants are then invited to “try on” a new language for self-inquiry.

For more information, contact Patrick Howley at [email protected] and visit his website at Workshop location: The Farmhouse at Wisdom House, 229 E Litchfield Rd, Litchfield.

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