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Natural Awakenings Fairfield County & Housatonic Valley CT

Winter Solstice Event in Fairfield

Suzanna Antal Proietti

On December 22 at 4pm, participants are invited to take part in a community ceremony to welcome the full moon solstice. The event will include sound meditation healing and intention-setting using crystal and Himalayan bowls, gongs, drums, chimes and vocal toning. Suzanna Antal Proietti will lead the two-hour event, which is hosted by Spirit School of Connecticut in Fairfield.

This event is a special sound ceremony and group healing session for those seeking mind-body-soul healing, a relaxing meditative experience or spiritual connection. This ceremony includes special anointing oils to deepen the meditative healing journey. 

Proietti has a background in life coaching, teaching, mindfulness, holistic health, and creative arts and sound. She works with individuals to understand how intention, intuition and creative gifts can enhance their capacity for empowerment and authentic potential.

For more information, visit Location: Spirit School of Connecticut, 85 Mill Plain Rd, Ste M, Fairfield. 

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