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Natural Awakenings Fairfield County & Housatonic Valley CT

Awaken Inner Magic with Yoga and Tarot

From February 22 to 24, a special workshop entitled “Awaken Your Inner Magic” is being presented by local teacher Alison DeNicola and New York-based author Sasha Graham, at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, in Lenox, Massachusetts. This unique offering is a fun, insightful weekend intended to awaken intuitive potential and inner magic with an inspired blending of yoga and tarot, open to all levels of practice.

At the workshop, participants will explore the archetypes and symbols of the tarot using yoga, movement, intuitive practices and meditation. Through guided visualizations, journaling and partner practice, learn ways to access your “higher mind” while discovering the magical qualities that lie dormant within you. In this program that focuses on the images from the Rider Waite Tarot deck, you will learn about the relationship of the elements to the suits of tarot as well as how to read for yourself and others.

DeNicola is a Connecticut-based teacher of yoga and meditation, as well as author of five inspirational card decks. Graham is an international tarot presenter and author of seven acclaimed books on tarot and divination.

Sign up for the program at, or through their websites: or

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