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2019 By the Numbers : Global Year of Creative Expression

Feb 01, 2019 01:26PM ● By Greer Jonas

Fire Dancer by Greer Jonas

Compared to the wild 2018, 2019 is a brand new energy—softer, perhaps. This is the global year of creative expression. In numerology (2+0+1+9=12 / 1+2=3), 2019 is the year of the creative “3”. It will be a time for all of us to connect to how we express ourselves in our relationships, our careers and our world. How will you reach out in a new way and tap into the inspired passion that makes you unique?

Stepping back to 2018, it was the year of the Dynamic Master 11. The energy of the master 11, (2+0+1+8=11), gave way to an explosive and ever-changing global year. Did you feel it? With the double ones, 11 represents the auspicious number of divine inspiration that comes from intuition, as well as unseen Forces at Work beyond the intellect. 2018 was a time to take action and to make a difference in our lives and our world. No one can deny that many people stood up to be counted.

As the clock ticked past midnight this past New Year’s Eve, we moved into a very different global vibration than in 2018. 2019 is the year of imagination. The energy of “3” will guide us to openly share our vision and our voice in all aspects of expression. Will this be a challenge for you, or will you embrace the freedom?  

It can be a year of delving into seeing and feeling beauty, appreciating art, music, writing and speaking. Perhaps you challenge yourself. What have you always wanted to do, but judgments were in the way? Take an acting or dance class. Find that drawer full of paints or markers and play. Write a song, join a book club, have fun with the creative joy in you. In 2019, we have the opportunity to step past our inhibitions and possible insecurities as we show another side to the world. It is a year to speak up and tell your truth. Take your fears and insecurity by the hand and share who you are and what you feel.

How will you challenge yourself in 2019? How will you follow your passion? Is there something you always wanted to do yet were afraid to do it? Let go and enjoy the ride. Don’t worry about what others think.

What is Your Personal Year Theme for 2019?

In numerology, the personal year theme is based on your birthday. To calculate, add the birth month and birth day to the current year.

For example, if you were born on April 1: 4+1+2+0+1+9=17 (1+7=8) You would have a personal year theme of an “8” in 2019. This is the year of empowerment. It is a time to push through anything that holds you back from expressing your dynamic self.

By using this formula, we can understand how 2019 will impact our lives. It is a perfect time to set new intentions and goals. As we move forward into the “3” year, we can reflect on what lessons we have learned and how we can communicate in a more vibrant way.

Once you have calculated your personal year, check out the definitions below and discover what you will encounter this year. Then look at how you can share your life and challenges through your creative voice in 2019.

Your Personal Year Theme

Here are brief descriptions of the theme you will find in your 2019 personal year. How will you embrace your life and lessons every day with a unique approach? Tap into your intuition and let go of old patterns that are not working.

1. Year of new beginnings and innovative ideas. You might attract a new job or a vibrant relationship. Challenge: Fear of taking the next step.

2. Connecting in relationships of all forms—romantic, business, social and self. Challenge: Caring too much what others think.

3. Year of creativity and self-expression in every form—art, music, speaking, writing. Challenge: Fear of sharing your voice.

4. Year of the builder, the organizer, a great time to get something done. Challenge: Feeling bogged down by all the work you are doing or feeling overwhelmed.

5. Year of fun, increased social life, travel, and energy. Being out there in the world with people. Challenge: Feeling a loss of freedom, overwhelm or too much on your plate.

6. Year of all matters of the heart. Dealing with family, loved ones, community, relationships. This could be a time of marriage, birth or rebirth. Challenge: Experiencing loss, feeling overburdened or taking on too much responsibility.

7. Year of spirituality and connection with inner self, year of unique thoughts and actions. Challenge: Feeling unsociable, withdrawn, fear of speaking your truth.

8. Year of abundance, leadership and manifestation. A great time to achieve your dreams. Challenge: Being too self-consumed or over-burdened. Instead of being the leader, feeling oppressed, the victim.

9. Year of transformation, transition and completion. A time to examine your life and see what new path to take. Challenge: Will you see the lessons of what you have been putting up with and decide to change the direction of your life?

11/2. The master year of inspired ideas and actions in all relationships (2). Don’t leave yourself out of the equation. Challenge: Having many dreams but not acting on them.

22/4. Year of mastery in relationships (2) and building (4). This is a time to connect with others in a profound way and make a difference. A great time to achieve a project with others. Challenge: Taking on a project without asking for help.

Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerologist, teacher and artist for over 30 years. Find out more about you—your strengths, challenges, life path and what your personal year theme is for 2019—with
a numerology reading. Contact her at [email protected] for readings in person in NYC and Greenwich, CT. Phone and skype sessions are also available. All readings are recorded. For products and numerology posts on a variety of subjects, visit

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