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Divine Feminine Rising

May 07, 2019 01:49AM ● By Nicole Miale

In traditional Catholic teachings, the historical figure Mary Magdalene is presented as a prostitute saved by Jesus Christ. Over the years, scholars and historians have put forth other theories about the woman some call the 13th apostle, who may have actually been Jesus’ wife. There is more mystery than fact known about this pivotal individual from history, and that mystery is what initially drew Milford-based author and intuitive Gloria Amendola to begin studying Mary Magdalene. What began as curiosity has become a life-changing journey.

“The doorway opened for me when someone invited me to support them in attending a Christian evangelical church service,” Amendola explains. “I was struck by the lack of feminine representation in the teachings, which was even more lacking than my own early Catholic upbringing. I decided to research women in the Old and New Testament with the intention of creating character studies to better understand the stories of these women. My plan was to write a series, but Mary Magdalene immediately showed herself to me.”

The path shown by the spirit of Mary Magdalene led Amendola to write multiple books on her subject, travel to legendary places where Mary Magdalene is supposed to have lived or died, and, since 2006, hold approximately 300 Magdalene Circles around the world. “The Circles began as a way to bring women together,” Amendola says. “The original idea was for me to present the information I was studying and experiencing, answer questions and have discussion about the topic, then have either a meditation or shamanic drumming experience.”

The circles range from 15 to 22 people in size and meet once per month. The first circle Amendola facilitated was in Milford and it ran for 10 years. A group that still meets in Manchester at the Ravenwood Holistic Healing Center has been meeting for 12 years, surpassing Amendola’s original expectation. “I thought they would last for a while and then fade out,” she explains. “But the Manchester group didn’t want to stop. It still keeps unfolding.” A recent circle in Manchester focused on sound, specifically some of the sounds of the Essenes—well-trained healers who migrated to the Holy Land and brought their secretive and heart-centered teachings with them.

“When you look back into ancient texts and mystical ways, we find words of power; we find techniques using sound, light and the power of the human voice,” Amendola says. “These healing tools were lost for a long time as the Western medical approach dominated, but they are returning. We are completing a cycle and moving toward a more enlightened time.”

The suppression of Mary Magdalene is indicative of the suppression of the voice of the feminine throughout time, Amendola says. But the old is breaking down, and the new is coming online, making it a critical time for women to awaken to their power and do their inner work. “We as women must find the time and space for our own inner work. I don’t know if we can survive these intense times if we don’t do that,” Amendola says. “We want awakening to be a spiritual, safe and positive experience. I’ve always been a fierce protector of the light. My job is to prepare a safe and creative atmosphere for people. This allows them to relax, consider new perspectives, and allow for visceral reactions to arise within them, to experience what they never thought they could.”

That may mean surfacing of traumatic memory or past-life recall; Amendola says both have occurred during circles she has facilitated. She works with individuals during the circle and afterward to process and integrate whatever has come up. “I want people to succeed in their personal evolution; I don’t want anyone to crash and burn,” she says.

Despite the tumultuous backdrop of the time we’re living in, a recent visit to the nation’s capital left Amendola feeling more hopeful than dismayed. A peaceful gathering at the Washington Mall representing a wide variety of people reminded her that people have more in common than they are separate. “We’re not divided,” she says. “We keep being told that we are, but I don’t feel it and I didn’t see it in D.C. either. People need hope to move forward. Anything I can do to support growth from a place of love, I’m there. I’m 110 percent there.”

Gloria Amendola is an author, intuitive and group facilitator with a passion for esoteric knowledge, the hidden history of the Divine Feminine and the dreamtime. She is a Reiki Master and shamanic drummer. Amendola has written two novels as well as a channeled trilogy called Mary Magdalene: Revelations from a First Century Avatar, available on Amazon. She will be presenting Celebrating the Divine Feminine on May 11 at The Red Barn in Durham. Admission is $15 before May 4, $20 after. To connect with Amendola or to register for the event, call 203-876-9936 or email [email protected].

Nicole Miale is publisher of Natural Awakenings Fairfield/Housatonic Valley, CT and Natural Awakenings Greater Hartford, CT. Connect at [email protected]

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