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Mental Fitness through Brain Optimization

Ava Diamond

Kure Spa & Wellness Center will host Ava Diamond, psychotherapist, pro athlete, speaker and author, on June 10, from 6:30 to 8:30pm, for a workshop on exercises, body movements and nutritional strategies that are easy to implement for brain optimization.

People do more to protect their smartphones than their smart brains; we often operate as if on “Airplane Mode”. Brain optimization is about supplying your brain with a full charge and a solid “service” connection. High levels of cortisol cause you to lose memory, increase body fat, decrease your ability to focus and increase likelihood of experiencing illness and body aches. The workshop will teach a few 90-second mindset exercises that reduce cortisol levels, as well as how to eat in a way that nourishes healthy brain hormone production and reduces your “fight or flight” response.

Kure Spa & Wellness Center provides a multifaceted approach to transforming people’s health and wellness naturally by providing naturopathic physician services and combining restorative, holistic and cutting-edge therapies in an exceptionally peaceful, nurturing and healing environment.

For more information and tickets, call 203-857-1500 or visit Location: Kure Spa & Wellness Center, 430 Main Ave, second level, Norwalk.

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