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HRI Labs Launches Tests for Glyphosate

HRI Labs has launched a test for glyphosate in urine using LC-MS/MS, the gold standard among scientists for sensitivity and reliability in testing pesticides. The test is offered as part of a crowd-funded study looking to document correlations between diet, lifestyle, geography and exposure to glyphosate and the levels found in the urine of people and pets across the U.S.

The test is the most sensitive and most affordable screen for glyphosate available in North America. It also screens for AMPA, a metabolite of glyphosate, at no extra cost. This is important because it is necessary to take both glyphosate and AMPA into account to more fully assess exposure to glyphosate.

In 2015, glyphosate was classified as a probable human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the World Health Organization's cancer arm. In 2018, glyphosate was added to the list of substances that cause cancer under California's Proposition 65. Peer-reviewed animal feeding studies also link glyphosate to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, kidney disease and other chronic health problems.

  The effective level of glyphosate measured in urine is an indicator of environmental exposure through food, air and water. The test is an excellent tool which can be used to gauge whether dietary or other changes are needed to reduce your exposure.

You can participate in the study and order your test at Use discount code GMOFREE79 to receive a $20 discount off the regular price of $99 per kit.

Learn more about glyphosate at

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