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Ancient Crystal Skull Synergy Comes Back to CT

Sherry Whitfield and Synergy

On August 14 and 18, Sherry Whitfield, caretaker and guardian of Synergy the Ancient Crystal Skull, from Tucson, AZ, will be offering two workshops in Sandy Hook, creating opportunities for more people to experience powerful healing. Synergy and Whitfield have been featured on the History Channel show Ancient Aliens, in the episode on crystal skulls, and have also been written up in numerous books and websites on that topic.

At 7pm on August 14, Whitfield and Synergy will offer a special drumming circle and workshop called, “Laugh at Your Fear!” This experience creates a sacred space designed to help participants face their fears head on—by laughing at them. Attendees can expect to raise their spiritual vibrations to feel lighter, inspired and motivated to move forward in their personal journey. They will feel uplifted and empowered to rise above the obstacles holding them back. The event will take place at River’s Edge Healing Center in Sandy Hook and costs $45 per person.

On August 18 from 10:30am to 6pm, Whitfield and Synergy will hold a full-day workshop on creating crystal grids, called “Creating a Crystalline Grid: How Do They Really Work?” This is a highly interactive, day-long workshop that will help attendees create the most effective crystalline grids possible, as they learn what works, what doesn't work, and why. They will learn to align their intentions and energies and connect their grids into the field and grid systems, as they activate their designs. A grid that is connected and truly activated is enormously more effective than one that stands alone. Sample grid possibilities and combinations will be offered. This event also takes place at River’s Edge and the cost is $185 per person.

For more information or to register, contact Deana Paqua by email at [email protected] or via phone/text at 203-994-5045. Location: River's Edge Healing Center, 5 Riverside Rd, Sandy Hook. See ad, page 16.

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