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The Phenomenal Lightness of Being

Oct 01, 2019 07:57PM ● By Celeste Mattingly

Six thousand years ago, the Vedic religion named Tachyon particles mondajava—"the stuff the gods are made of". Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light. In our Einsteinian worldview (the standard model of particle physics) Tachyon particles are hypothetical because, according to Einstein, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. As Tachyon technologies are quite popular in science fiction writing, one might falsely conclude that anything traveling faster than the speed of light is fantasy. 

  However, in a quantum physics worldview, Tachyon particles not only exist and travel faster than the speed of light, but they infuse physical matter with Spiritual Light, also known as energy, light and information. They are subtle energy and considered by some to be the very source of the frequencies of the chi or prana—the life force existing around us at all times Tachyon particles are not frequencies; rather they act as the bridge between all frequencies and their source, which is located at the zero-point energy field, or the ground of all being.  

A Tachyon chamber is a uniquely designated area or room, designed to emit Tachyon energy at very high levels. An individual participant is surrounded by the energy of highly concentrated Tachyon particles, temporarily suspending all negative influences, such as electromagnetic fields (EMFs), air pollution, pesticides, GMOs, chronic stress and negative emotions. Physicists identify this as a zero-point energy field. 

Tachyon-Living products are everyday household products and spiritual healing tools that have had their sub-atomic nuclei permanently altered by being infused with Tachyon particles. Infusing products with Tachyon particles is an operator-impartial, highly concentrated intention—a streaming process that requires special steps and preparation.

In the chamber, an individual sits in a zero-gravity chair or lies on a massage table, surrounded with Tachyon-Living products, under the Tachyon-Living copper-pyramid-and-crystal generator. They are enveloped in sacred-geometry and tachyonized material, and listen to specially prepared music with a noise-canceling Bose headset. They wear an eye mask with Tachyon disks sewn into it, and the tachyonized chakra disks are strategically placed on their body; they hold a three-metal alloy Tachyon-Living power rod in each hand throughout the session.  

Sessions are timed with the specially prepared musical tracks to be 30, 45, 60 or even 90 minutes long. It is generally recommended to have at least five or six 30-minute sessions, then clients can continue utilizing the energy for healing with products available for purchase.

Clients have reported experiencing everything from simple deep relaxation to an enhanced sense of well-being, from an increase in connectedness to Source to an out-of-body experience. Most notably, one client reported normal blood work the day after her first session. She was crying with gratitude when she called her practitioner because she had been battling early stages of a rare blood cancer—and after her session the signs of it were gone. In general, most everyone experiences vibrations and pulsing from the disks and the rods during their sessions. By the fifth session, clients report improved quality of life, including more energy; decreased overall pain; and an increase in gratitude, connectedness, self-confidence, mental acuity, balance, grounding, sense of direction, creativity, follow-through with self-care and perseverance in career and life goals. 

Kirlian time-lapse photography has proven that exposure to Tachyon energy reduces entropy. There are YouTube videos depicting the decay of fruits and vegetables as substantially reduced. Thus far, scientists and serious Tachyon enthusiasts have only been able to document this benefit because of the quantum (observation-dependent) nature of this technology. However, many practitioners post the following disclaimer: “Tachyon chamber technology and tachyonized products have not been evaluated by the FDA; this service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”  

Proponents of Tachyon technologies view their energy as an accelerated healing opportunity, as well as a way to assist the evolution of our species to homo-luminous beings. 

Celeste Mattingly hosts monthly Tachyon Field Days for those who are interested in experiencing a Tachyon chamber. For more information, visit  Location: The Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment, 10 Grassmere Ave, Ste 300, West Hartford. 

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