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EFT Relieves Chronic Pain in Sandy Hook

Most are familiar with the mind/body connection as it relates to physical illnesses, but The Tapping Practice in Sandy Hook uses the natural EFT technique to relieve chronic pain. Emotions that are buried after a painful event remain trapped in the body. Those residual emotions block the meridians—our energy pathways—in the body, and the resulting imbalances frequently result in physical pain. 

EFT/tapping is a safe, natural and effective method for releasing those emotional blockages, thereby restoring balance by allowing the energy to flow freely through the energy pathways of the body. Occasionally, relief is experienced by simply focusing on the physical pain while being guided through the tapping protocol. More often, however, sessions involve a search for the root cause of the blockage. Once the source is determined, the team at The Tapping Practice works on the release of the blocked emotions causing the imbalance. 

Through this process, people are able to address their pain and emotions without judging themselves. Some clients experience the added bonus of releasing long-standing patterns of behavior that have prevented them from stepping more fully into their higher potential. 

For more information, call 203-313-1560 or visit Location: The Tapping Practice, 107 Church Hill Rd, Sandy Hook. See ad, page 12.