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November 2019 Letter From Publisher

Nov 04, 2019 01:05PM ● By Erica Mills

Despite what ubiquitous television ads tell us, no illness is caused by lack of a pharmaceutical product. Some illness may be due to nutritional deficiencies or chemical imbalances, but a majority of today’s chronic conditions are not primarily chemical in nature. We are sick (and tired) in large numbers because of the way we live. Our routines are mostly sedentary, ritualized, stressed, and often financially uncertain. We navigate complicated relationships, try to nurture brilliant (athletic, artistic and kind) children, and regularly attempt to pack 15 pounds into 12-pound bags. Our human quest for longer, higher-quality lives seems diametrically opposed to what living a “successful” and active modern life actually requires. Frankly, it feels like we’re being set up to fail. 

There’s no doubt it’s much easier to take a pill, whether a pharmaceutical or an herbal supplement, than to make difficult personal choices that create a huge shift in your life experience. Anyone who has tried to make major lifestyle changes knows it can be challenging. Going to bed earlier/getting more sleep is one consistent lifestyle recommendation, yet it’s a common struggle for many. Which begs the question: why aren’t we more successful doing something so basic for ourselves?

It’s an important question because it turns out the foundation of well-being starts with sleep. Articles in this issue examine the importance of sleep and the effects lack of sleep can have on the body, while offering suggestions for getting better quality sleep. Modern environmental toxins, in our homes and outside of them, also have a huge impact on our well-being, and the sad fact is that, while evidence mounts, still not enough is known. Many people aren’t sure how to take action to protect themselves. What if you knew you could die if you were to keep using the same makeup or household cleaners? If it were that black-and-white, would you be able to give up your favorites? It may be that fundamental. 

This month of Thanksgiving is a perfect time to express not only our gratitude for all the blessings we have, but also to take responsibility (or at least increase our awareness) of the things in our control that are affecting our experience of life. Want to feel better? Here are two places to start: Establish a practice of going to bed earlier and discard your conventional makeup products and/or household cleaners. 

Change can be difficult, but on the other side of the transition there may be a much better quality of life. What is the point of living a long life if it’s not a good one?! We’ve survived everything that’s come at us thus far… it’s time to make choices that help us thrive instead of survive. I’m worth it and you are too!

With love and light,


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