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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

February 2020 Letter From Publisher

Feb 03, 2020 10:31PM ● By Erica Mills

Nicole Miale

Welcome to the 2020 Natural Living Directory!

Each February we present a showcase reference guide spotlighting the businesses and practitioners in the region; this edition is a celebration and gathering of many unique resources our area has to offer. 

In this special issue, we expand and move the Community Resource Guide toward the front of the
magazine. We include extensive profiles of many wellness providers and businesses as well as a Natural Living Glossary to help you better understand terminology which may be new. No matter what your personal vision is for this year, we hope you find connections in these pages that support your efforts to become a healthier, happier you. The depth and breadth of this edition make it a valuable reference guide to be referred to in times of need. Don’t worry if you lend your copy out and it doesn’t come back! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to pick up another; this special edition will be found throughout Fairfield and southwestern Litchfield Counties at our major rack distribution points, events and conferences throughout 2020. You can also find the digital edition on or visit our Facebook page for the link. 

As for our content this month, we look at some topics of relevance to many individuals. Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) continues to be a leading cause of death in this country, affecting many people of all backgrounds. While there may be underlying physical causes to be addressed, lifestyle choices have been found to play a critical role. The choices we make over time can have tremendous impact on the physical results we may expect. This is true even if you’ve already, like me, suffered a cardiovascular event of some kind. Not all damage can be reversed but there is always room for improvement and prevention is key; our articles this month provide a valuable blueprint from which to work.

Interested in how people could take more control over their healing by working with their own genetic material, Managing Editor Patricia Staino spoke to local experts in Connecticut about the field of regenerative medicine. Though still costly and not yet covered by most insurance plans, regenerative medicine shows much promise in a variety of conditions and situations. Treatments are becoming more available and represent exciting alternatives for pain relief and self-healing. 

I hope the articles this month will inspire you to take steps to improve your physical condition. Any improvement you consciously make will move you in a healthier direction; nothing you do will be in vain even if it seems like a very small step. 

Empowering positive lifestyle change is the driving mission for this publication. Learn to surf the waves of uncertainty and use your infinite power for your own good. Let the amazing resources in this edition guide and support you on your journey. Use the ideas and tools that appeal to you; then let your increased positive energy ripple back out into the world around you. It will make a bigger difference than you could ever know. 

Wishing you vibrant good health, this month and always!


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