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Land Trust Works to Achieve Green Corridor

Aspetuck Land Trust has acquired Gilbertie’s Farm, a 34-acre working organic farm adjacent to the land trust’s Randall’s Farm Preserve on Sport Hill Road in Easton.

Sal Gilbertie will continue to farm the land, which will anchor Aspetuck Land Trust’s larger vision to create a multi-town Green Corridor involving a 40,000-acre belt of land in Easton, Weston, Redding, Wilton, Westport and Fairfield. Gilbertie’s Farm is the largest certified organic greenhouse operation in the Northeast.

Bill Kraekel, president of Aspetuck Land Trust, said in a
release, “We are pleased to be able to make this announcement in this very difficult economic and public health environment. That said, we continue to need funds to protect other parcels in the Green Corridor that are at clear risk for development. For us to succeed in keeping Fairfield County’s serene pockets of rural beauty which we know and love, we will need more people to step forward.”

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