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5G Radiation: More Than You Think

Jul 29, 2020 01:17PM ● By CT Residents for Responsible Technology

Every day we’re bombarded with ads in media outlets extolling the virtues of 5G-microwave radiation. The media hype behind 5th-generation wireless telecommunications promises consumers greater speeds along with connectivity of all things—the “Internet of Things.” What the telecom industry chooses not to disclose, however, are the devastating health effects that will impact every living organism, from insects and trees to livestock and humans. Perhaps the greatest peril will be the radiation-induced decimation of our bee population, threatening our very food supply. If bees were to disappear, according to Albert Einstein, we’d have no more than four years to live. 

With the introduction of cellular phones in the 1990s, we came to trust and rely on the technology. So, if 5G is just an upgrade from 4G/3G, shouldn’t we assume the FCC and FDA have already approved the applied science we’ve been using for the last 30 years? No.

While marketing spin has presented 5G as simply an upgrade, it is, in fact, an entirely new and evolving system based on the military’s selective beam technology. The telecommunications industry is currently deploying this infrastructure on utility and light poles, existing cell towers and the tops of buildings near your home, workplace and schools. This means there will be powerful cells on every street, alarmingly close to our homes. 

While the use of the term “small” wireless telecommunications facilities (sWTF) makes them sound harmless, the man-made, pulsed-modulated microwave radiation emitted from these cells is extremely dangerous. In thousands of peer-reviewed studies, these unnatural pulsing and spiking frequencies have been proven to be highly disruptive to the cellular functions of our bodies. Worse still, this bombardment of unnatural microwave radiation will be ongoing 24/7/365, with no break for our bodies to return to homeostasis. Nor will we be able to shield our families from the unceasing assault.

Willfully dismissed by industry and government leaders alike are massive numbers of scientific studies documenting harmful health effects. Recently unclassified papers from the U.S. government, Russia and the WHO from 1945 and the 1970s reveal that millimeter waves are quite damaging based on duration and proximity.  

These thousands of peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated that radio-
frequency/microwave radiation causes suppressed melatonin and sleep disruption, headaches, dizziness, memory and learning impairments, cardiac arrhythmias, immune dysfunction, DNA damage, cancer, infertility, miscarriages and neurodevelopmental complications, particularly in exposed fetuses. Vastly increased wavelengths can interfere with electronic medical devices such as pacemakers and hearing aids. This radiation is especially damaging to children, born and unborn. The developing brains of the young absorb up to 10 times more radiation than do adult brains. Such whole-organism and cellular damage is not limited to humans, but also occurs in pets, farm animals and wildlife— especially our pollinators. 

There are other concerns beyond those that are biological. Data, it seems, is the new currency. The 5G technology in enhanced conveniences such as smart refrigerators, smart phones and home thermostats is deployed with microchips that gather data uploaded to the grid for sale to industry and government agencies for purposes of analysis and targeting. Worse still, 5G-enabled drones will capture data that will be used to monitor social distancing, body temperatures and contact tracing. Are we willing to give up our privacy for speed, autonomous cars and manufacturing robots—innovations already available without 5G? 

All this does not mean we cannot have speed and advancements in education, healthcare and entertainment. Safe and responsible solutions do exist today.  For example, fees for fiber-optic infrastructure were added to our phone bills in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Yet, the telecommunications industry has lobbied our elected officials and government agencies to allow for the fraudulent use of our publicly funded fiber-optic cables for their industry profit, while the public has been given inferior service through wireless, which is slower and less reliable with known security risks. The fiber-optic alternative, which we’ve already paid billions for, is faster, safer and more reliable, and it can be deployed today—fiber to the premises without the use of wireless infrastructure. No wireless antennas in the community mean greater security and greater reliability in services. 

Industry lobbyists have subverted our understanding of the 1996 Telecommunication Act with the myth that state and local rights are preempted by government/industry partnerships. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 preempted neither “health effects” nor “operations.” These matters are within the purview of our local town regulatory authorities—not some state-level agency or council far removed from our communities. 

What can you do? Become informed and get involved in your town meetings, asking questions and requesting they halt all deployment. Organize to ensure your freedom from assault with warrantless surveillance, privacy invasion and data seizure in our homes and communities. Families in Easton have successfully worked together to establish a town-wide 5G moratorium to ensure only safe and responsible technology is deployed. Other communities across the state, including Trumbull, Greenwich, Brookfield and Fairfield likewise are engaged in educating the public and requesting their town governments halt all 4G/5G. 

At the very least, communities need to insist that decisions are made based on actual needs assessment, capping and monitoring power capacity of devices such as sWTF conducted by local towns, not some far-off bureaucrat. Connecticut must work on changing how decisions are made regarding telecommunications applicants, giving more power to the local municipalities and towns. Deployment closer to our homes means towns must engage and get involved sooner rather than later. The community should not have to sacrifice its health and safety for some Internet of Things.  

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