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Self-Discovery Is Why We Are Here: An Inward Journey of Awakening

Aug 30, 2020 11:40PM ● By Uma Bode

There is a massive disconnect for most of us between our authentic self and the way we show up in the world; between what we would like to be doing with our life and what we actually do, between what we long for and what we “have”.

If you can relate to this, and if you would like to live more authentically in alignment, then some questions have to be asked:

What to do about it? Is there anything that can be done about it? Or is life supposed to be one disappointment after another? Is the “rat race” real and is that the best we can hope for?

Absolutely not! Why? Because what you long for is a call from your deeper self, and you are here to answer that call. You came here to planet Earth and took this human form for this very purpose. 

Most people never answer it because they have succumbed to the conditioning of fear and confusion that other people inadvertently place on them. (Yes, inadvertently. Accidentally. Out of their own conditioning.) But if you never move past the fear (if you never get close enough to at least peer beyond it) you will never discover your real life. You will never reclaim your birthright of joy, fulfillment and connection to something deep and lasting. 

Befriend Your Fears

Fear and other emotions that keep us trapped in inauthentic lives are not real. They are created and kept alive by our minds. Yet, even though they don’t actually exist, you can’t ignore them. They won’t just go away. 

Your mind (which, by the way, you think you are, but you are not) will simply keep creating them. 

You can’t use your mind to undo the thoughts that your mind thinks.

The only way to get those imaginary fears to go away is to engage with them fully and come to know them better than they know themselves. You must befriend them. This may sound funny when you first hear it

Befriend my fears?

Yes. Exactly. Befriend your fears.

When you look at them clearly and come to understand what they are all about, they begin to diminish in size. As you understand what their function is and why they are with you, they stop being threatening and trying to control you. When you invite them into the light of your awareness and allow them to be listened to and seen, then they cease to have any power over you at all.

It’s kind of crazy that it’s so simple. 

You can dismantle the power that fear exerts over you by being nice to it.

This requires an inward journey.

The process of befriending your fears is a journey into your authenticity. The real you is waiting behind those fears. No – even more accurately, within those fears. 

The way out is through. 

And, also, remember this: There’s nothing wrong with where you are right now. There’s nothing wrong with you right now.

Nothing needs to be fixed. No time has been lost. Nothing should be different. 

Your life, as it is, is your spiritual path. Walk it. 

Nothing happens to you, everything happens for you. Everything serves you.

Your journey will be challenging, yes. But fear not (see what I did there?). It’s supposed to be. 

This life you’ve got is your own personal hero’s journey. There is nothing small about it, at all. It’s not supposed to be small.

You are immeasurably powerful. Immensely beautiful. Incredibly gifted.

There is absolutely no one you should be comparing yourself to.

Begin Where You Are

You have to unravel all the things you believe about who you are (and aren’t), who other people are, what the world is, and what God is. You have to deconstruct and release all the “shoulds” and “oughts” that you’ve adopted. You have to begin the dismantling process. 

Piece by piece, you will take down the facade that was given to you. 

Does that sound scary? Don’t be afraid you will disappear! 

Behind every illusion you dismantle, there is an authentic piece of you waiting to be discovered. Brought out lovingly. Dusted off, cleaned, and shared with the world. 

This is the real purpose of a human life. The rest is just distraction. This is the real meaning of the phrase from the Bible attributed to Jesus: “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be added unto you.”

The kingdom of heaven is your authentic being. And once you rediscover it, then all things will be added unto you.

But How?

Aha. The big question. HOW DO WE DO THIS?

There are countless ways. They are as unique as a human fingerprint. Your path home is different than anyone else’s. 

It is built into your memory and your inner knowing to be able to see your path perfectly as it unfolds before you. Trust the living map of your own life, look to the road in front of you to be shown your next step. Surrender to that step and release any need to know what will happen after that. 

This is what it means to trust your process. You can do it. You are meant to be doing it. You are not supposed to be figuring out how to do it. Your mind is not capable of this task. There is nothing to “figure out.” 

A self-discovery journey is not a method. You don’t need another method. 

All that you need is waiting for you within you, just below the surface of your attention. Turn toward it, and all will be revealed. The more you turn toward it and act on it, the more powerfully revelation occurs. 

As you act on what is revealed, then your authentic life begins. Are you ready? 

Uma Bode offers self-discovery coaching and journeys, tarot readings, photographic iPhone art and classes through her business, The Umaverse. She can be reached at [email protected] or at

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