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Letter From Publisher September 2020

Aug 30, 2020 11:18PM ● By Erica Mills

Nicole Miale

The past five months have been exhausting and stressful for us all, in different ways and with varying degrees of difficulty. I don’t know about you, but lately I have been feeling overwhelmed and just plain tired of everything. I’m hearing from many people I’m not alone in that. Tempers are flaring and uncertainty abounds as so many prepare to tackle the new frontier of returning to school or work or NOT returning to school or work. Life is anything but normal right now and it’s anyone’s guess when a new normal that we can relax into will really take hold.

None of us received a roadmap to help navigate these strange times, so my assumption is that everyone is doing the best they can given their particular circumstances. Sometimes just keeping that simple assumption in mind helps me swallow a reactive statement or gives me the impetus to do a little extra for someone else when I can. Sometimes it just makes me shake my head with incredulity, because these times are truly bringing out the best and worst of humanity; every day I’m surprised anew by what I see and hear. It requires a constant recalibration of my emotional well-being and conscious grounding to stay balanced in the moments. This is surfing without the water and board as props. 

Our edition this month is focused on providing tools, ideas and strategies to find and maintain emotional equilibrium despite the storms blowing around us. We hope you find inspiration, solace and hope in these articles and in the days to come. Small touchstones that help us stay centered and inspired are key right now; Natural Awakenings is committed to providing these for our readers.

Normally at this time of year I’m eagerly anticipating the many expos and events that make our area such a vital place to visit in the fall. It feels very disorienting to have my autumn weekend schedule so open! I have always loved meeting readers and advertisers in person at those events and savored the chance to really connect. I miss hearing your stories, but I hope you keep telling them! Whether you write, record or in some other way memorialize your experiences, please know that finding ways to express your unique soul journey is important and valuable. No one is just like you; your special self deserves all the love and appreciation in the world, from yourself most of all. Hopefully we’ll have the chance to meet again sooner than we might think.

With love and light,


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