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The Computer Fairy Offers Computer Help

For many, social distancing requires at least basic computer skills to function in this “new age” of remote computer use. Shifting her focus from in-home visits to offering computer assistance remotely via the internet, Aliza Freedman helps her Computer Fairy clients release their computer anxiety and frustration. From needs such as using Zoom to setting up meetings or personal calls with friends and family, to more advanced help, Freedman focuses on the unique needs of each client in a fun and patient, contact-free way.

Freedman founded her business in 2009 to address the growing need for women to overcome their fear and insecurity of using computers. Over the years, many senior citizens and small business owners, among others, have used her service to learn how to use email and save documents and attachments, or how to access the “outside world” so they can participate in online classes, read digital newspapers and news websites, or look up recipes. Freedman leaves her clients feeling more in control and connected.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work one on one, whether in person, or, now more than ever, to work remotely from my computer to theirs,” says Freedman. “I teach my clients through secure access to their computers to show them how to accomplish their goals. Clients learn from first watching me do something, then repeating what they saw with my supervision—and we never have to meet in person! Between lessons they are given a bit of ‘homework’ to practice. It is such gratifying work to safely create ‘computer independence’ in this era of technology.”

Contact Aliza Freedman at 203-554-5975 or See ad, page 12.

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