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Enroll Now for an Enhanced Year of Healing

Academy For Soul Healing

Is your soul calling to be in alignment with the Divinity of you? Enroll in the Enhanced Year of Healing 2021/2022 and be prepared for one of the most profound years of your life. This 16-month program is part self-healing, part certification training, and a transformational adventure into the power of you. The course will be administered one weekend every month, via Zoom, beginning January 9.

The journey will encompass three intensive modules. Module 1 will focus on St. Germaine’s Healing School, 13th Octave, 13th Octave LaHoChi, Angel Light Healing and more. During Module 2, studies will expand into Rebirthing Breathwork, Birth Scripts, Energy Anatomy and a myriad of healing techniques. Module 3 delves into Akashic Field Healing, Quantum Theory and more. Each module includes a Practicum for Healing Self and Others. Students of all experience levels are encouraged to participate.

The option to study one, two or three modules is available with different investment tiers and access to payment plans, if needed. Participants will receive a Divine toolbox filled with Divine gifts and healing modalities, guided practice to harness consciousness shifts, certification and an opportunity to join the Teacher Development Program.

This Enhanced Year of Healing will be guided and supported by Eilis Philpott, owner of Soul Healing Journey LLC and founder of the Academy for Soul Healing. She has been a healing practitioner for more than 20 years and is highly gifted in guiding people toward understanding who they are at a soul level.

For more information, visit See ad. page 12.

Academy for Soul Healing

I am a master healer and teacher, certified in numerous modalities as both a practitioner and teacher. I am the owner and founder of the Academy for Soul Healing, which offers trainings i... Read More » 


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