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Cave Rental Experiences at Salt Cave of Darien

At Salt Cave of Darien, there are now more fun ways to experience the benefits of salt therapy with cave rental experiences. Guests are now able to rent the cave to spend relaxing time with up to eight people (family) or five people, socially distanced. While in the cave for 75 minutes, guests now have the use of a projector and screen in the cave. This allows for a variety of fun activities, including virtual wine tastings, Zoom calls with family, movies, trivia and more. The salt environment is antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial, and staff cleans everything else with a green disinfectant.

During a wine tasting, guests sip new wines in the cave while learning from a virtual expert. The wine company chosen supports charities by donating a portion to one of four charities highlighted on Salt Cave’s website. As another way to bring people together, attendees in the salt cave can have their families and friends Zoom in for the experience, getting the wine shipped to them separately so they can participate, too.

Attendees can also bring their own wine or drinks to hang out and Zoom with others around the world. They can watch home movies or view pictures together or play a trivia game. Other ideas for cave rental include: getting reflexology while relaxing, attending a private yoga class (for up to five people) or creating a “man cave” event for the guys to gather in lieu of a sports bar.

Salt Cave of Darien also has more exciting ideas brewing for the near future. They have great special events as well, including the latest popular event, an aerial restorative yoga class, which uses silks. This class will be held again in January.

Location: 555 Post Rd, Darien. For more information, call 203-658-7667 or visit See ad, page 3.

Salt Cave of Darien - 555 Post Road Darien  CT

Salt Cave of Darien - 555 Post Road, Darien , CT

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