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2021: A Numerological View

Jan 30, 2021 08:00PM ● By Greer Jonas

Although we cannot predict the future, nor the end of the pandemic, let’s take a look at the promise of 2021 in our world.

The 5 ignites the fire of action, change and a pursuit of freedom. Its energy promotes social interaction. But how can this be in the midst of a pandemic?

Compared with the slow and methodical global 4 of 2020 (2+0+2+0=4), the 5 should help us remove the inertia.

Yes, change is upon us and the new energy should speed up the process. Hopefully, COVID-19 will be eradicated soon, allowing the economy to recover and businesses to revive and flourish. Individuals around the world can return to their jobs and their lives, embracing their loved ones freely. 

Once we are in a more stable place, the “5” energy will ignite a social life beyond the computer chats and mobile texts. It will also influence social change, if we do not go back to hiding in our own world of work and love life.

2020 and the Shadow

As 2020 reached its final passage in December, we can reflect on the initiation to the third decade of the 21st century.

Who knew what to expect? At the beginning of the year, numerologists looked at all the “2s” in 2020. This is the number of cooperation, relationships and moving into a more intuitive and trusting place of the divine feminine, rather than the assertive ego and divine masculine. The promise was to meet in the middle and grow together, rather than “what is in it for me”.

Perhaps it was too much to expect and the extreme happened—the shadow of the “2”. We were forced to go inside, wear masks and told not to connect with others.

The 4 represents building, security, stability and the home. Instead, the shadow appears—the destruction of normalcy, the breakdown of systems and businesses. The health and sense of security of the people of the world has been compromised.

Perhaps, the lesson of 2020 is karmic. The challenge is to have faith rather than fear. The lesson is not to withdraw, or despair, but to seek creative ways to support and connect with family and friends. In place of hiding, communities from around the world gather online, teaching and participating in courses that feed the hungry spirit. A spiritual path is sought where we acknowledge our earth and look at a higher meaning to life.

2021: What Happens Now?

The shadow of 5 is to go back to the “I”—either panicking or ignoring what is going on around you. Searching for freedom and change, we need to find a happy medium to our viewpoints and take action to collectively shift this global “pandemic”.

We are not just talking about healing physically and mentally—but socially, environmentally, spiritually and politically. This may be a wake-up call toward recovering our humanity.

Personal Year 2021 

To find one’s personal year theme, add the month and day of birth to the current year. The formula is to add each number separately and reduce the sum to one digit (except master numbers such as 11 and 22).

So for someone born December 12, we would add 2021 like this: 1+2+1+2+2+0+2+1 = 11 personal year

Using the simple descriptions below, let’s ask ourselves: “How will I welcome freedom and change without feeling restricted? Do I have the willingness and bravery to embrace my life as I include others—or will I choose the same old habit that does not serve me?”

Below is a brief description of the theme and the shadow of each personal year.

1 -  A year of new beginnings, leadership, taking action and inspiring others. Shadow: Retreat or follow others without standing for one’s own beliefs.

2 - About forming relationships of all kinds, love, business, family and cooperation. Shadow: Being non-communitive and inflexible.

3 - A year of expressing oneself creatively and uniquely. The key is to take an original, non-judgmental approach to whatever moves us—be it art, music, writing, dancing or speaking. Shadow: Seeking safety and an uninspiring life.

4 - A year of building something new with the foundation of organization, perseverance and skill. Shadow: Stubborn and controlling, wanting everything to be one way without flexibility.

5 - The same personal year as the global year. This is a time to embrace change and freedom while sharing oneself with people and seeking opportunities. Shadow: Hiding, feeling anxious, not allowing self to relax.

6 - All about the heart and birth. It is a time to connect with family, friends and doing service in some way. This could be a year of birthing something new. Shadow: Withdrawal, self-judgment and caring about what others think.

7 - A time of bonding with the inner self. It is a spiritual and intuitive period to seek the unknown with fascination. Shadow: Retreating, not sharing one’s voice and unique personality.

8 - The year of charismatic leadership and empowerment. The opportunity to advance and share goals, rather than being afraid to be out there in the world, is key. Shadow: Being overbearing, insisting that one is right and everyone else is wrong, embracing power rather than empowerment.

9 - A year that will present transformation and change, as well as completion. It may feel like a whirlwind of seeing the truth in all aspects of life. The lesson is acceptance. 

Shadow: Being fearful, not respecting oneself and one’s changes, fear of judgment, feeling lost.

11 - In the master 11 year, one’s inspired ideas can be momentous in life and the life of others. Here is a choice to lead without apprehension and self-judgment. Shadow: Forgetting one’s humanness and vulnerability, resulting in challenging oneself and becoming fearful or frustrated.

22 - The master year of building relationships of all kinds. It may be a powerful time to achieve love or to build a business. Shadow: Retreating, being disappointed, not believing in self.

Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerologist who conducts online readings. She is also a teacher and an artist. Connect at [email protected] and

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