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Body, Mind, Spirit Smoking Cessation Program Online with Thea Litsios

Certified Hypnotist and Life Coach, Thea Litsios, will be offering an online program to help participants quit smoking, starting February 4, from 7 to 8pm, and for four consecutive weeks. The program includes one 30-minute individual hypnosis session via Zoom.

“With our health a priority right now, many who have smoked for years are now ready to give it up,” says Litsios. “It has been shown that being a smoker can increase the chances of a heart attack, and it can also increase the chance for a more severe case of COVID-19 and possible hospitalization.”

Join Litsios for a four-week online program using the powerful tool of hypnosis to assist you in becoming a non-smoker. Together, explore how awareness of each aspect—body, mind and spirit—play an important role in eliminating a strongly engrained habit, like smoking. “At the end of the four-week program, with your commitment and full participation, you will be a non-smoker!” she says. 

For more information, call 203-693-1493 or visit See ad, page 3 and Community Resource Guide listing, page 33.

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Thea Litsios, CHy - NA, Stratford, CT

Life Coach, Hypnotist, Teacher of Active Dreaming Remote sessions available Use the power of your whole mind to transform your life: Hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, stres... Read More » 


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