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Online Mediumship Sessions with Dr. Liz

Elizabeth Raver DeCesare, PhD

An evidential medium, energy worker, psychic and light trance worker, Dr. Elizabeth Raver, or “Dr. Liz”, is now offering online services so that people can schedule and attend mediumship sessions, classes and/or demonstrations from the convenience of their home. In person, she will also be at the upcoming Holistic Professional Community Fairs in June and July, and thereafter.

“Although COVID restrictions are being lifted, it is apparent that online modalities can offer a convenience, safety and flexibility not possible when compared to having to meet in person,” says Raver. “This newfound convenience is a flexible way to help people connect with loved ones who have transitioned via mediumship.”

According to Raver, we are presently experiencing a surge of scientific interest focusing on spirituality. “This includes research projects looking at the concept of the afterlife—i.e., that consciousness continues after the change called death. For example, there are increasing numbers of publications in peer-reviewed journals focusing on near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, neurological differences with mediums and non-mediums, after-death communications (ADCs) and more,” she explains. “Interestingly, recent findings demonstrate the salutary effect that an ADC experience can have on grief and mourning. This is one of the reasons I have left the academic field—to completely focus on helping people connect with belated loved ones.”

With a Ph.D. in Psychology, Raver is writing a book on mediumship by incorporating some of the latest scientific findings. She has been practicing mediumship at Spiritualist groups with her spirit guides, Dr. Randolph and Daisy, for 14 years, giving spirit messages, healing and leading meditations and sermons.

For more information, call 203-400-9212, email [email protected] or visit See ad, page 27.

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Elizabeth Raver DeCesare, PhD - NA, Trumbull, CT

Elizabeth Raver DeCesare, PhD, is a medium, energy worker, clairvoyant and trance worker. With her inner circle guides, Dr. Randolph and Daisy, she finds great joy in bringing messages fr... Read More » 


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