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Healthy Food and Beverage Zones Featured at Health Wellness & Lifestyle Expo

 The 10th Annual Health Wellness & Lifestyle Expo 2021, with special thanks to Stamford Health, Exclusive Healthcare Partner, returns to beautiful Harbor Point in Stamford, September 11 and 12, from 11am to 5pm. This year’s event is a motivator to “Revitalize, Reimagine, and Reenergize” our lives which have all been challenged this past year due to the pandemic. In addition to the Expo’s 85 inspiring and educational exhibitors, on-site health screenings, free group fitness classes, pet and kids zones and a high-energy dance exercise experience with Dance it Out creator Billy Blanks Jr, returning to the Expo this year is the popular Healthy Food, Restaurants and Beverage Zone and the Eco-Friendly Wine, Spirits and Craft Beer Zone.

Food feeds our soul and fuels our bodies. Consumers continue to become more conscious of what they put into their bodies. The public’s demand for better quality, organic, clean, sustainable and healthier food and beverage choices has sparked a whole new generation of products to come on the market that are easily attainable and enjoyable. Premiere event sponsor Grade A ShopRite will be on site with registered nutritionists providing healthy recipes and guidance on smart food choices when shopping for household groceries. 

According to, a positive outcome during the pandemic saw households preparing more meals at home and taking a significant departure from fast food consumption and indulgent restaurant fare. Forty-four percent ate breakfast at home every day (compared to 33 percent pre-COVID), 31 percent ate lunch at home every day (compared to 18 percent pre-COVID) and 33 percent ate dinner at home every night (compared to 21 percent pre-COVID). With a shift back into a new normal, healthy food choices and food preparations are essential in maintaining the balance our bodies crave.

Education and convenience remain a key factor in our healthy choices. Red meat has made a comeback on our tables with the accessibility to lean grass-fed beef choices. Whole grain breads continue to give white bread a run for its money with consumers opting for more nutrient and fiber rich varieties. Even our caffeinated and alcoholic beverages are being produced with healthier and more sustainable practices at the forefront.

Expo attendees can look forward to a delicious boost from Healthy Food, Restaurants and Beverage Zone participant Rise Brewing Co. Their Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, the foundation for their nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee beverages, is made with purified water and organic beans, and only naturally occurring caffeine. Additional all-natural ingredients include dairy-free oat milk, organic cacao and Madagascar vanilla extract in their cold brew offerings. In addition to healthy snacks, local restaurants, premium spirits and eco-friendly wine offerings, Athletic Brewing will introduce their high-quality, all-natural craft non-alcoholic beers, a growing segment within the beverage industry.

For more healthy food and beverage participant information, visit or be social @HWLExpo. See ad, back cover.

Health Wellness  Lifestyle Expo - NA Greenwich CT

Health Wellness & Lifestyle Expo

The 10th Annual Health Wellness & Lifestyle Expo 2021, with special thanks to Stamford Health, Exclusive Healthcare Partner, will be returning to beautiful Harbor Point at the boardwa... Read More » 



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