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End Of Life Doulas Help Leave a Legacy

Joan Law

Joan Law

Joan Law, owner of Feng Shui Joan’s Way in Stratford, is proud to announce that she has earned a Proficiency Badge from the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA). End of Life Doulas provide emotional and spiritual support at an intensely personal time in an individual’s life. They assist people (and their loved ones) in finding meaning, creating a legacy project and planning for how the last days of their lives will unfold.

“Much of the Feng Shui work I do is clutter-clearing/downsizing for widows and widowers. As a natural progression of my work to help others manage life’s yin and yang, this new certification allows me to further assist people in a positive way,” explains Law.

The task of “letting go of” or “re-imagining” sentimental things can be daunting. An important part of end-of-life planning can include work on a “Legacy Project”. The art of Feng Shui is about managing environments with intention. End-of-life planning is similar. It’s about creating an energy and environment around the process of death with intention. Knowing what/who we or a loved one wants around them as they transition and how possessions are to be retained and remembered can be a meaningful exercise.

A Legacy Project is created to honor our life story. It is a physical reminder of who we are and the life we’ve lived, a gift to family and a treasure to cherish. Examples include memory books, letters, video/audio recordings, crafting favorite objects/clothing into keepsakes and more.

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