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New Book Focuses on Inspirational Journey Through Juicing

Jeanette George Dias (aka JinSu) is a local wellness activist, creator of JinSu Ceramics, wife and mother of four in Connecticut. One of her daughters, who suffered from autoimmune issues, started Dias on a journey toward questioning the reasons for so much illness in children. It led her to see the part played by the changes in food origins, processing and consumption from seed to plate. Dias infused stories inspired by family members around the world, her knowledge of plants and her own intuition into this new informational and actionable e-book focused on the power of plant-based medicine through juicing. The Intuitive Juice Feast by Jeanette George Dias is now available for purchase at

“This book on liquid nourishment was birthed from the Ayurvedic teachings of seasonal consumption. I have laid out an array of recipes to enable the reader to choose ones based on season, mood, energy and intention. These recipes were designed to offer insightful experiences with food that is vibrant, stimulating and calming,” says Dias. “My grandmothers from India and Iran taught me about plants and the blessings of the unseen world. For someone who was told she would go blind years ago, my body’s other senses became even more important. Listening, feeling or doing nothing were the calm my body needed to find its own message. This book is the outcome of that journey of silence, stories and vision that led me to fine-tuned, intuitive and informed choices. I have created these recipes to be tantalizing to the palate and nourishing for the body as well as to encourage you to follow your own intuition with plant-based healing.” 

For example, the cleansing Dandelion Damaka, with apples, celery, ginger and parsley added in, focuses on the dandelion’s detoxification and vitamin-rich properties. The warming, energetic Jhatka (Sweet Spicy) includes apple, lemon, ginger, turmeric, jalapeno and dulse while Pink Lemonade cools with cucumber, apple, beet and lemon. 

For more information on new recipes and blog posts, and to order this new e-book, visit or follow on Instagram at @theintuitivefeast. 

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