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New Beginnings through Hypnosis and Coaching

Aug 31, 2021 10:00AM ● By Althea
It’s the beginning of September and many of us recognize the familiar feelings that arise in us as the year shifts to the latter half. There is a sense of new beginnings, as if a new year has begun. We shift from a casual lifestyle of flip-flops and brightly colored clothing to attitudes, clothing colors and behaviors that speak to a more serious mindset. This new mindset focuses on getting back to work, back to school, organizing our homes and evaluating our finances, our relationships, jobs and even our hobbies. Many have a sense of change coming, newness and beginning again—but what does that mean?

This can create stress and bring on fears often not recognized or named. It can create cycles of procrastination, hesitancy or self-sabotage and we become “stuck”. As the saying goes, “Why do I continue to do that which I don’t want to do?” The cycles bring more stress and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors which, over time, becomes our perspective of how we see the world and the way we think about ourselves. Our beliefs garnered from childhood and throughout our lifetime can keep us “stuck” at times in our life, not knowing a way out.

Many are experiencing overwhelm and burnout in these past 18 months, as stress is continually coming at us in forms of new fears, with the dissolving of what was once predictable and reliable and known. So, we ask ourselves: Who am I really? Who’s the true me? Who do I want to be? The human being wasn’t designed to live in “fight, flight, fall” stress mode, but that’s what many of us are doing. Stress in all its many forms causes the body and mind physical, emotional and spiritual chaos—acute and chronic—and it takes its toll on us. According to WebMD data from December 2019, 75 to 90 percent of all doctors’ office visits are for stress related ailments and complaints. This was before the pandemic and stress has since escalated, taking new forms.

The future is now—for new beginnings, releasing old thought patterns and making space for new ones. Who do we want to be? That starts with an assessment of self, our beliefs, our values, our attitudes, our behaviors, our expectations and our stories and programming from birth. During the approximate first seven years of our life, we are absorbing, taking in our environment, receiving into our subconscious mind, to be applied and used later in life as we grow older. We were collecting our perceptions, beliefs, values and culture from our environment—those around us.

There are many modalities that can show us a direction to uncover and explore our subconscious minds, which hold answers to who we think we are, and to open and transform to become our true selves.

When we are feeling stuck and unable to find a way to freedom after many, many different tries that didn’t work, we may realize that we need one-on-one guidance—we need a coach. Coaching keeps one focused, exploring new questions to ask oneself, new directions and thoughts to explore and being accountable. Being in a collaborative relationship with a professional coach, “aha” moments occur by identifying resistances and old patterns that don’t work, gaining self-awareness and new insights and exploring the where and why of our limiting beliefs and mindsets that keep us stuck.

As we seek solutions to becoming “unstuck”, we’ll often have intuitions, hunches or a deeper feeling that something needs to change, shift or needs clarity, but we “can’t put a finger on it”. Fears can keep us frozen. Even though the origin of the fear itself may not be known, it is our subconscious alerting us to look at something differently that is troubling and causing conflict in our lives or internally robbing us of peace.

We can discover many aspects of our problems and concerns through hypnosis, which can open our subconscious mind to beliefs and attitudes that may have been there for decades, but only now are signaling to be released—to free us to become our true, authentic and genuine self.
The future is now, to recalibrate our old patterns, thoughts and behaviors into who we truly wish to be—our true self. Transformations as we open to our subconscious can bring freedom and can change habits and fears, reduce stress and bring clarity in relationships, careers, lifestyles and choices. Hypnosis combined with a professional coach can keep us aligned and balanced as we create a new beginning.

Althea, which means healer, is a registered hypnotist and credentialed professional coach who works collaboratively with clients to release from where they are stuck to where they would like to be. She uses the modalities of hypnosis, coaching, emotional freedom techniques and others in a safe, tranquil environment. Connect at 203-451-3383 or See ad, page 31.


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My name is Althea, which means healer. I work collaboratively with clients to release from where they are stuck to where they would like to be. I use the modalities of hypnosis, coaching,... Read More » 


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