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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

TLC Member Spotlights

The following spotlights feature some of Tribe TLC’s members and explain more of who they are and what they offer as holistic practitioners. Give them a call; they are all truly lovely people that are ready to help you on your path. To find a full directory of Tribe TLC members visit To learn more about TLC check out their ad on page 2.

pErika DeutschlanderAtlasproPT brp

TLC Member Spotlight: AtlasproPT

Discover the Swiss-made AtlasPROfilax treatment; an all-natural method for pain relief, better posture, and increased wellness. In just one treatment. AtlasPROfilax addresses the root cau... Read More » 



TLC Member Spotlight: Brain Balance Center

We help kids aged pre-K to 12th Grade who struggle behaviorally, socially, academically and who lack focus and attention. Brain Balance is a non-medical personalized program offered in-ce... Read More » 


pGail ChristieJoyful Living Reiki brp

TLC Member Spotlight: Joyful Living Reiki

As a Holy Fire III Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, I help people balance their energy and bring balance to their lives with Holy Fire healing sessions, Reiki-infused meditations and Reiki c... Read More » 


pAlexia Clonda brp

TLC Member Spotlight: The Mind & Breathing Edge

When Alexia learnt how to breathe correctly, their life changed forever. Because of this, Alexia became a Breathing Coach utilizing the Buteyko Breathing Method since 1997 Read More » 


TLC Member Spotlight: Salt Cave of Darien

Enjoy salt sessions in the main cave or private room for individual massage and more where you can breathe in the healing medical grade salt air. Read More » 


pSheila LaSella brp

TLC Member Spotlight: Stillpoint Healing Therapies

I offer energy healing, massage therapy, card readings and guided meditation. I decided to become an Energy Healer and Massage Therapist simply because I wanted to spend my time helping p... Read More » 


pThea Litsiosp

TLC Member Spotlight: Thea Litsios Coaching

I am a Transformational Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist and Teacher of Active Dreaming. I work with individuals who are ready to reinvent themselves. They are feeling restless because the... Read More » 


TLC Member Spotlight Tiny Forest LLC

TLC Member Spotlight: Tiny Forest, LLC

Tiny Forest has been described as a sanctuary for women. That is partly because of the serene and beautiful space surrounded by trees and gardens but mostly because of the welcoming commu... Read More » 



TLC Member Spotlight: Transformation Center CT

Katie will assist you in reaching your true potential and heal what has been holding you back. You will experience real self-acceptance and start to live Read More »