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TLC Member Spotlight: Thea Litsios Coaching

Sep 30, 2021 09:55AM ● By Erica Mills
Thea Litsios

Thea Litsios

Thea Litsios Coaching

Thea Litsios
Working Virtually
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Business summary and services offered:

I am a Transformational Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist and Teacher of Active Dreaming. I work with individuals who are ready to reinvent themselves. They are feeling restless because they have an intuitive, inner urge for a life that is lived on a deeper level. I help them decipher the messages in their intuitive hunches and dreams to enable them to find the path to their true self, living in alignment with their life’s purpose. I assist them in creating a life with more meaning, fulfillment and authenticity.

What sets your work apart from others in your profession?

As a Teacher of Active Dreaming for over 10 years, I have the ability to help my clients tap into their own intuition through their dreams and other methods of discerning the messages that your deeper self is sending you. 

What should someone expect from working with you?

Working with me as your life coach, you can expect to: be listened to deeply; be guided to see where your limiting beliefs might be holding you back and use the tools of coaching to uncover and overcome those limiting beliefs; have an unwavering supporter of your dreams and an unflinching ally who will always be honest and point you in the direction of your highest aspirations.

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Thea Litsios, CHy

Life Coach, Hypnotist, Teacher of Active Dreaming Remote sessions available Use the power of your whole mind to transform your life: Hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, stres... Read More » 


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