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Hypnosis Can Help Change Bad Habits

For those looking for a way to heal and change themselves from bad habits or from issues in life that are disturbing them, hypnosis could be the answer. Hypnosis is a safe and maybe somewhat misunderstood way of healing from experiences going on in our lives. 

It has been a very traumatic time for everyone these past 18 months. We are all more hypersensitive than normal. Hypnosis can program our subconscious mind in a positive way of thinking and feeling ourselves. By discussing what is bothering a person, a hypnotist can come up with some very important information about them.

While hypnotized, clients experience different states of mind. One is Beta, where they will be very alert, focused and walk away feeling exuberant. The next is Alpha, where the mind will let them go deeper into relaxation. They may be wandering with their thoughts and feel very relaxed (almost like Highway Hypnosis, where we don’t exactly remember how we got to our destination) and they may fall asleep. All of the states of mind are completely safe and the individual can control them and get up anytime they want.

Sharing thoughts and feelings with the hypnotist helps them make a specialized script. They can then prepare the client to program the subconscious mind, which is a very powerful tool. During hypnosis, a person is taken through positive suggestions and affirmations which are then absorbed by the conscious mind.

After the session, some people immediately get on track and others take a little longer, but the end result is the same—real changes for the better.

Leslie Miller is a Certified Hypnotist in practice for eight years, who offers sessions for:
quitting smoking, losing weight, anxiety, fear and phobias, feeling inadequate and more issues. Single sessions or package discounts are available. Connect at 203-664-1870 or
[email protected]. See ad, page 13.

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Leslie Miller

Certified Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnotism. Practicing throughout Connecticut. Quit smoking, lose weight and free yourself of fear, anxiety and phobias through hypnotherapy with Le... Read More » 


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