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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

Letter From Publisher October 2021

Sep 30, 2021 10:00AM ● By Erica Mills
Erica Mills

Erica Mills

Our readers are passionate about living healthy, living well and living green. I think this month’s edition covers those concepts beautifully, and can’t wait for you to read about all things minimalism, community connections, CBD for dogs, mental health, fall cooking, parenting, self-care and more.

The “Less Stuff, More Joy” article on page 26 discusses living with less. The idea of living small, tiny homes and being a minimalist has become more popular, especially after many of us reevaluated what was most important to us in the last year. When we pause and take stock, those material possessions are more likely weighing us down than bringing us joy. This article is a celebration of the worthwhile idea of having less and experiencing more.

In “Walk About”, on page 34, read some simple tips for a pastime that is proven to be good for our mental and physical well-being—walking. In the conclusion of our Positive Psychology series, on page 24, Ann C. Reeves gives even more reasons to get outside regularly and enjoy physical activity in nature. We need time in nature to thrive, and what better time to make this a priority than fall in Connecticut?

Before Natural Awakenings arrived in Fairfield County, the healthy living community was lucky to have Tribe TLC, led by Beth Leas. In the Community Spotlight on page 14, meet Beth and learn about this group of holistic-minded practitioners and entrepreneurs who gather monthly to collaborate—with the goal of lifting one another up and fulfilling the wellness needs of locals. Then, on page 16, meet some of the many members of the Tribe.

These pages are always full of amazing local resources for your healthy living journey. Maybe you’ve seen an ad or local contributor who piques your interest, but you haven’t made the move to learn more yet. I encourage you to call an advertiser for a consultation. Most times, it will be free, and you may be surprised about what you learn. It could be the best decision you make today!

All the best to you and yours,
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