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2022: Where Are We Going?

Nov 30, 2021 10:00AM ● By Agneta Borstein
The 2022 astrological observations gear toward continuing challenges, but there is also room for hope. Pain hurts, but the rewards are plentiful. We can’t take back time. 2020 will go down in the history books, with political dialogues reaching all aspects of the spectrum. The COVID pandemic met with Pluto, ruler of birth and death, as Saturn, the planet of structure, continues to show his governmental personality.

Saturn travels in Aquarius until March 2023. We will have to digest another planet, Uranus, in Earth sign Taurus. Uranus governs freedom, restlessness and revolution, as the freedom seeker, the protester, as well as the scientist. Saturn indicates government, compliance and discipline. The explosive Uranus squared head-on with Saturn throughout 2021, ending December 24. They will do their best to separate during 2022, yet still can’t leave each other totally alone.

Jupiter in Fire Sign Aries implies a restless nature of stored up frustrations, as well as bravery to move forward with enthusiasm. This passionate, biggest planet of them all moves into confusing sign of emotional and reality denier, Pisces, during summertime and fall. Easy does it.

The theory that history repeats itself, as well as astrological cycles, respectfully echoes compelling similarities. Not only individuals, but Earth herself is progressing forward, through these strong evolutionary times.

The following summary of major astrological cycles may comfort, or relate to those with positive visions, curiosity, science, realism and faith in their hearts and minds.

Uranus, in Taurus from 2020 through April 2026, indicates a continuation of new scientific discoveries, evolution, demand for freedom and realization of Global Warming. Earthquakes, hurricanes, security risks, revolutions and terrorists are Uranian keywords. Last Uranus visit in Taurus was 1938 with its 84-year cycle.

Neptune entered Pisces in 2012 and continues to travel in his domain until 2026. The God of the Ocean is showing his rage and demands to clean up his abode—the waters. Neptune indicates meditation, yoga, medicine, psychic impressions and dreams. He governs oil, deception, dissolving of matters, chaos, drugs and alcohol. Neptune’s last visit in Pisces was 1849 to 1862. Check the history book.

Pluto, with his irregular cycle, entered Earth sign Capricorn in 2008 and will visit until 2024. The God of the Underworld is noticeable with his 248-year cycle and will return “home” during 2022 in the U.S.’s natal chart. This powerful little planet rules cleansing, revitalization, faith and rebirth. Pluto also governs death, transformation, taxes, secrets and obsessions. He is crucial for the Healing of the United States of America (July 4, 1776), with Pluto at 27°33’ in Capricorn, and will revisit the same degree during 2022. The cycle occurred last during 1762 through 1778. Bring out those prayers and laughter.

Let’s Get Personal
One may use their Sun, Moon, Ascendant or any other point in their natal birth chart to benefit from the below astrological observations. The suggested dates for Initiation and Completion follows the Full and New Moons during 2022. Lucky Taurus and Scorpio get four Initiation/Completion Moons to work with. Leo and Aquarius are welcome to use them as well. So, arrange a ritual, invoke a prayer, set an intention and remember to smile.

ARIES: Jupiter, the conniver and the restless planet, shows up in situations that need to be reviewed. Follow goals or simply build up the courage that Aries at times shies away from, by May 11. Don’t let confusion of projects get in the way, release after the end of July and step back to realize success at the end of 2022.

Initiation: April 1; Completion: October 9

TAURUS: Count on continued success, but be aware of daily disciplines. Personal and business changes will occur; be on the lookout. Choose love over money. Stuck from fall 2021? Time to move forward, taking us all the way to 2023. 

Initiation: April 30, October 25; Completion: May 16, November 8 

GEMINI: If decisions are to be made, step back May 10 through June 3 for a more defined outcome. Don’t let nerves get in the way, October 30 through January 12, 2023. Focus on breathing techniques and meditation.

Initiation: May 16; Completion: December 7

CANCER: Opportunities for creative days and artistic expressions, especially July through November. Plutonic force matters of letting go of the old and welcoming new success in life. Some Cancer folks resist opposing force of restriction and manipulation—another tear falls.

Initiation: January 17; Completion: June 28

LEO: With discipline, compliance and strength, this year shows success. Patience January 14 through February 3. Readjustment and organization during June and October will reinforce visions. Empowerment during eclipse times, or just roar like a lion can.

Initiation: February 16; Completion: August 11

VIRGO: Intuition becomes practical; meet situations with a negotiation. Unexpected useful news and opportunities. Rewards from previous projects manifested. When confused, take time out and re-group, then get back to intuition.

Initiation: March 18; Completion: August 27

LIBRA: Here Venus invites relationships or a new job. Love arrives in various forms. At times confusing, but worth a try. If the doubt is there at the beginning of the year, hold off to move forward until early October.

Initiation: April 16; Completion: September 10
SCORPIO: Bring out the tools for a clearing; this is a cleansing year. Allow the pain to be healed with new commitments. Saturn and Uranus restrictions and unexpected changes in August. Must move with the flow, June to October.

Initiation: April 30, October 25; Completion: May 18, November 8

SAGITTARIUS: New communication, with love on the horizon, during the summer months and linger at least until November. Restlessness kicks in, October through winter months. Sag deserves a good luck charm, especially if reaching out for it.

Initiation: June 14; Completion: November 23

CAPRICORN: The year starts off with a reevaluation of financial matters. Contemplate and implement new goals for the next three years. The Mountain Goat, and its fellow Capricorn planets, are exhausted over the disruptions occurring around the globe. Breakthroughs—not breakdowns—is the mantra that is in vogue.

Initiation: January 2; Completion: July 13 and December 23

AQUARIUS: The “traditional” planet ruled by Aquarius, the sign of freedom and individuality, is Saturn. The “modern” ruler is Uranus. Saturn governs governments, so don’t delay those taxes. He will continue his breakthroughs until March 2023. Try not to sign important documents, buy a car or a fancy phone, January 14 through February 3. Delays June 4 through October 23, Saturn governs time.

Initiation: February 1; Completion: August 11

PISCES: Jupiter will continue in his own domain until July 28; don’t swim too fast. Hasty decisions change course until November. Best to put the intuition hat on, back to the drawing board, and success is achieved. Neptune, in Pisces, supports the healing components, not the comfort of escape.

Initiation: March 18; Completion: September 1

Agneta Borstein is an astrologer, shamanic practitioner, author and teacher. Connect at 860-983-5666 or See ad, page 14.

Agneta Borstein

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