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The Romance of Numerology

Mar 31, 2022 03:00PM ● By Greer Jonas

“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

There are many ways to look at how you and your partner can inspire each other—as well as how you may irk each other. Using numerology, we can examine the association of your birth numbers to what inspires you and what may turn you off. By adding your month and day of birth, you can discover the catalyst energy that moves you to excitement, motivation or disappointment.

Understanding the various aspects of these catalyst numbers can give much insight into what may be the pressure points, pro or con, in any relationships. Here is an opportunity to learn about the strengths as well as the challenges that manifest with your love, your siblings, friends or business colleagues. It is all a lesson, so do not be alarmed. This is why we are here on this planet—to learn about the human psyche.

To illustrate, here is a typical question a numerologist might receive.

Question: My partner and I seem to be fighting a lot lately. Can numerology give us some insight? My birthday is August 1 and my partner’s birthday is March 1.

Answer: Yes, this explains a lot. 8+1=9. What motivates a person with a
9 inspiration number is to look at the inner meaning, and bigger purpose of all aspects of life. The 9 focuses on transformation and change. What would be an enjoyable day? A walk in nature, meditation or a meaningful conversation.

Your partner’s birthday is 3+1=4. The 4 is the builder and very practical. Do you sometimes feel like you are on another planet? The 4 is inspired by building or organizing the home or business.

While the 4 is realistic and grounded, the 9 is into the psychology and existence of the inner dimension. You may clash when you feel like you are on two different wavelengths. However, you can inspire each other by showing a different point of view. Both of you will love nature, for example. The 4 can show the 9 about the best time to plant the garden. While the 9 can inspire the 4 to sit still and listen to the sounds of the wind and the birds flying by.

Find Your Catalyst Number

Now it is your turn. Add your birth month and day and reduce to a single digit.
(However, if it adds to a “master 11”, do not reduce it further. The 11—double ones—represents a powerful influence on leadership.) Do the same for your relationship. Use the chart below and compare the inspiration numbers of each of you. 

What motivates your partner’s vision?
In addition, does your partner encourage your passions?

Numerology can be a key to enriching relationships. See the actions below that you can take to support a deeper connection with anyone in your life. Of course, it is important to share what inspires you on your path. Your relationship can become challenging if you do not appreciate, or are impatient with, what may inspire your partner.

Inspiration Numbers and Their Meaning

1. Someone with a 1 inspiration number is inspired by action and taking the lead in some way.

Action: Encourage ideas and get involved in their projects.

2.  Inspiration 2 is connecting and loving.

Action: Open up to their gestures and do not pull away. Be romantic.

3. Creative expression in every form—art, music, writing.

Action: Welcome creativity and appreciate their style of expression. Join in if it moves you.

4. The builder and organizer.

Action: Appreciate, and perhaps join in, as they build a cabinet, design your living room or work in the garden.

5. The 5 is inspired by change and being out there with people and having fun. This energy does not enjoy stagnation or criticism.

Action: Take pleasure in their vibrant personality and encourage them to take challenges.

6. Six is the number of compassion, family and service.

Action: Do not freeze up. Share the love and open up to each other and share your world with others.

7. Sevens are inspired by the unknown, the spiritual and the unique.

Action: Explore “discovery” in nature, thoughts and new ideas. Watch the sunrise or the end of the day on the beach.

8. Eight is inspired by charisma and accomplishment, being out there as a leader and achieving success.

Action: Participate and encourage a project or idea that may be unfolding.

9. Nines are dedicated to a higher spiritual path and understanding of the nature of the mind and the heart.

Action: Join them in meditation, or a program based on transformation and change.

11. When two numbers are the same they are called master numbers and you do not reduce (August 3 would be 8+3=11). The 11 is inspired by new and often life-changing ideas and actions.

Action: Encourage your partner to manifest their dreams. Get involved if it moves you.

Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerologist who conducts a vast array of numerology readings by phone, online and in-person in NYC. She is also a teacher and an artist. To ask specific numerology questions, email [email protected]. Connect at and

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